Poetry: Winter

Fall is ending and it was a fun time

But now it's winter's turn to shine

Put away the flannels and bring out the gloves

Get ready for Christmas singing with those two turtle doves

Winter snow with the freezing breeze

Winter coughs coming with the winter sneeze

It's is all worth it though to walk in the snow

With friends and family to see the lights glow

Put the cookies out for when Santa comes in

Take the Hanukkah decorations out of the bin

Open up the presents and buy for those you love

Don't forget again to hang up those turtle doves

Hang up the lights around the tree

Drink hot coco with the family

Holiday movies are the best during this time

Snuggling with loves one and just simply feeling fine

Stay warm so you don't get sick with a cold

Set some new years resolutions that make you feel bold

it's the season of freeze but also some fun

Winter is here for everyone

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