7 Reasons Why Winter Is The Best Time For Couples

7 Reasons Why Winter Is The Best Time For Couples

It's more than just a freezing season.


The winter season has a pretty bad reputation. It’s been known to leave us all with rosy cheeks, chapped lips, dry skin, shivering bodies, and failing immune systems. In many ways, winter sucks.

However, for those of us in relationships, the winter season does come with quite a few perks. Here are a few:

1. Less sweat

Hand-holding gets a million times better when there’s less sweat involved. Who the heck wants to hold a moist, clammy hand?

2. The colder it is, the more reasons there are to snuggle

Cuddling up on the couch while watching a movie works a lot better when both of you really are cold and need to stay close for warmth.

3. You get to answer “Yes” to your relatives during holidays when they ask you if you’re seeing someone

Winter is full of holidays and family time (aka family conversations). For whatever reason, family members love to use the holiday conversations as a platform to uncomfortably ask you about your relationship status.

4. You find fun in simple things

The winter is a weird time because you’re confined to the indoors for the most part. You can’t go for a spontaneous walk. If it’s too icy, you probably won’t want to drive anywhere. The freezing weather makes it difficult for couples to spend any time that isn’t indoors. The fun thing about this though is that being trapped inside forces you and your partner to have fun doing simpler things. Suddenly watching a movie, or looking at each other’s baby pictures become fun pastimes together.

5. Baking

Wintertime is home to many holidays, and with holidays come baked goods. Messing around in the kitchen, failing at recipes that you found on Pinterest, eating raw cookie dough, and licking the bowl together can actually become a really fun date with edible rewards.

6. You have excuses to get each other gifts

No, it doesn’t have to be a holiday to get your SO a gift. However, it is a lot more fun to give gifts when you get to put them under a tree and wrap them in Santa wrapping paper. Winter gives us excuses to finally buy our partners something they’ve really been wanting.

7. It’s the best time to reminisce and be thankful

New Years falls during the winter and this is the best holiday to be thankful for another year of happiness with everyone in your life, and especially your partner. It’s a great time to show love.

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