Can You Repair a Window or Do You Need to Replace Them
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Can You Repair a Window or Do You Need to Replace Them

Window repair or replacements, which is the best option?

Can You Repair a Window or Do You Need to Replace Them

Without windows, your home would be a depressing place to be. While windows are essential, they do come with their fair share of problems. Given the cost associated with replacing windows, it makes sense to try and fix your windows if they're still usable. How do you know where to draw the line between repair and replacement, though? By taking a look at a few variables, it will be easy to see what your next move should be.

Type of Window

When choosing whether to repair or replace your window, one factor to consider is the type of window that you're dealing with. If the window is a simple single-pane window, then it's likely that a repair will be fairly easy since the problem area will be easily accessible. However, if you have a window with multiple panes of glass, it may be more tricky to isolate the problem so that you can repair it. If your window is highly customized, as is the case with stained-glass windows, then you might run into repair issues whether your window is single- or multi-pane.

Location of Window

To enhance the natural lighting in a home, windows are sometimes in hard-to-access locations. If that's the case with the window that's giving you trouble, then window replacement may make more sense. After all, you don't want to repair a hard-to-reach window only to have the repair fail after a few months or years and then have to access the window again. In this case, it's better to have a window that you know will last so that you don't risk injuring yourself or damaging your home.

Type of Problem

Windows are deceptively complex. Most windows are made of almost a dozen parts, any one of which can cause issues with the proper operation of your window. Fortunately, some of these parts are easier to replace than others. For example, if the window trim is causing issues due to rot, you can renew the wood so that it doesn't get in the way of the window as it travels up and down in the sash. If you're unsure which part of the window is to blame for your troubles, it's best to call a professional window repair company for a second opinion.


In general, older windows aren't as energy-efficient as the latest multi-pane windows. Therefore, if you want to improve the energy efficiency of your home, it may make sense to replace your windows even if they are repairable. When you notice a problem with one or more windows, it makes sense to sit down and consider your goals for your windows in your home so that you can determine the best course of action.

Don't Play Around

If you choose to replace your windows, it's vital that you choose a trustworthy and professional company to do the job. If you don't, you'll likely find that your windows begin to need repair only a few years after installation. By doing your homework, though, you can find a great deal on new windows installed by individuals who will take pride in their work so that you can enjoy your new windows for a long tine to come.

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