Wanna Be on College GameDay?
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Wanna Be on College GameDay?

Chance to win $5,000 donation to charity on ESPN!

Wanna Be on College GameDay?

Fundraising isn't easy. It's hard. I'm done writing letters, begging parents, local businesses, and hosting large events to hit our goal. I'M DONE RAISING MONEY.

Now, wait a minute - I'm just being efficient. Why would I spend hours writing letters when I can raise more in 30 seconds than in 10 hours fundraising?  This is a S/O to my fellow lazy fundraisers beating the year-round overachievers, your fellow philanthropic comrades, by raising $5,000 with 140 characters or less, oh, and a chance to be on national television with your friends. 

You could win a $5,000 donation to an approved philanthropy/charity and a chance to accept the award on ESPN College GameDay this Saturday in Dallas (with some of your organization members). State Farm is awarding students like you for their philanthropic work with the charity donation to do more good and an ESPN College GameDay Prize Pack just for the winner, which includes a $250 gift card.

Take 30 Seconds:

1) Pick a photo of you participating at a philanthropy or volunteering.

2) Post on Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook with #OffCourtAssist #SMU.(If your account is private be sure to make it public until noon this Saturday to make sure your entry counts!)

3) Share with your organization and post as many times as you want from NOW through this Thursday, February 12th at 11am CST

Michigan Pi Beta Phi (below), UVA Zeta Tau Alpha and UFDM have already had some serious face time on ESPN. 

Entries will be for this week's competition and a chance to be named the national grand prize winner. In addition to winning $5,000 donation to charity, the grand prize winner will be given an exclusive behind-the-scenes ESPN College GameDay Postseason Experience in Indianapolis. #Winning

Now, this is easy, but raising $5,000 isn't always a Tweet or Insta filter away. It takes hard work, dedication and perseverance. Whether you participated in a philanthropy, a mission trip, or volunteer in your community as a tutor, SMU will be in friendly competition this week. Here are just some of the organizations that will be competing:

Tri Delta Triple Play

Each spring, Tri Delta hosts their annual softball tournament, called Triple Play, to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, their national philanthropy. Greek organizations, sports teams, and other members of the SMU community form teams to compete in the tournament while enjoying great food donated by local vendors and lively music provided by a DJ. Teams compete in a friendly, round-robin style bracket with T-shirts and small incentives for winners, while keeping the focus on the cause rather than on the competition. Last year, over 20 teams participated, helping Tri Delta to raise $70,000 for St. Jude over the course of the year!

“I love seeing everyone outside having so much fun together while supporting such an amazing cause.”- Alexandra Baum, senior Tri Delt.

Triple Play is one of the biggest events they hold each year, but it’s never just the one event to get to that big total. It’s a full year of events and additional fundraising to get to a total like $70,000. With just one instagram post, they could raise $5,000 - double the amount raised from one of their events.

Sigma Chi Derby Days

Derby Days is Sigma Chi’s national philanthropic event held by Sigma Chi chapters all across the country. For several days all members of the campus are invited to attend, compete, and of course donate while participating in a variety of games and challenges Last year marked the fourth year that the event was held at SMU, and it set new benchmarks for them in terms of both attendance and money raised. To break last year’s record of just under $18,000 raised for the Huntsman Cancer Foundation, Sigma Chi’s national philanthropy, the brothers on campus will be reaching out to local businesses for support. Following the success of previous years, it’s a safe bet that this coming Derby Days will raise even more money for cancer research, and set the bar even higher for years to come.

“I think Derby Days is a fantastic event because we can raise money for a great cause and have a great time in the process. We are genuinely interested in making a positive difference in the community and giving back to those less fortunate than us.”- Andres Brener, Sigma Chi Philanthropy Chair.

Every member is involved in the preparation and take turns hosting the different events. In 5 days they raised $17,000, but with a single tweet they could raise a third of their total in 30 seconds.

Kappa Alpha Order MDA Letter Campaign

Kappa Alpha Order’s national philanthropy is the Muscular Dystrophy Association, the world’s leading non-profit organization dedicated to the treatment and cure of MD, ALS, and other neuromuscular diseases. Beginning again this year, the SMU Beta Lambda Chapter of KA is bringing back the tradition of an annual letter writing campaign. Every active brother is tasked with the goal of personally raising $1,500 to the cause. While not as flashy or party-oriented as many other successful philanthropic activities, the letter writing campaign is time-tested and a fantastic way to reach out to family, friends, and alumni in order to bring attention to and raise awareness of this cause.

The topic of MD is very close to the hearts of KA members nationwide as one of our most prominent brothers, Luke Christie of the Furman chapter, is one of those who suffer from the disease. Despite this he is very outspoken and regularly visits chapter conferences nationally in order to raise awareness for the condition. With this kind of motivation, KA is confident that they will meet and exceed their monetary goals for the drive.

“It is exciting and extremely gratifying to be able to raise so much money and awareness for such a great cause that many people are unaware of or overlook. I truly believe in what we are working for and because of that I consider myself blessed to be part of the solution”- Blake Barnett, KA Philanthropy Chair.

One Facebook post that could raise $5,000, would take more than 3 KA men raising their $1,500 each to do the same in the letter writing campaign.

Seeing how hard these chapters work to raise money for their respective causes, be sure to take the time and submit a photo to the competition. Every little bit helps, and $5,000 dollars will go a long way towards doing good for the community. And after all, who doesn’t want a chance at a behind the scenes College GameDay experience?

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