One of the biggest stigmas in today’s society is the idea that watching “gay” things will make a person gay. Though, and as times are continuing on, people are coming to realize the amount of intelligence lacking in their assumptions.

Whereas witnessing same-sex stories and encounters won’t influence a person’s sexuality, chemicals and other genetic information will. Therefore, and by producing a program based around an individual whom is a part of the LGBT+ community, nothing but representation will be taken out of the series.

Disney Channel is the latest to be learning this lesson—their new rendition of Beauty and the Beast depicted an openly gay LeFou, and Disney XD’s animated series “Star vs. The Forces of Evil” held the channel’s first same-sex kiss. Even High School Musical alluded to gay characters, but no single program ever followed the storyline of a character coming to terms with their sexuality.

In their new TV series “Andi Mack”, more mature storylines are being presented to the audience. For example, earlier in the season, the show’s protagonist, Andi (Peyton Elizabeth Lee), found out that her sister was actually her mother. Now, in more recent episodes, Andi’s friend Cyrus (Joshua Rush) will be introducing the channel’s first ever coming out story.