I will Always Be Pro-Choice and It's Not Even Up For Debate

I was sitting almost front row in an assembly that I in no way signed up to be at when a man came in and started discussing "life." When discussing life with someone who is right-wing or Christian you must be aware of the fact that it is rarely going to be about the massive genocide that is happening across seas in Syria and how they desperately want to come to America so they can escape a life of poverty and murder only to be turned around by our obsessive border control. Or about the fact that the life of teenagers in school is superior to that of baring arms. It is almost always about shaming every single woman who has had an abortion and convincing them that they're murderers.

I believe that the tiny cell inside your body can be flushed out if that is the decision that a woman chooses. It is a tiny embryo less the size of menstrual clots. The discussion always reverts back to the concept that the embryo is alive, the same way sperm is alive inside a male's body so any sort of masturbation or ejaculation outside of marriage or producing a child is sinful. This man that stood in front of us said things like, "I wouldn't murder a two-year-old child, would I? What's the difference, one is just in the womb and the other isn't." I wanted to stand up right then and there and explain the difference to this man about how a child that has been out of the womb for two years and has developed to full term and already undergone the process of birth is exceedingly different than a cell being flushed out of a body.

Another sentence that he repeatedly decided to change in order to further his agenda and manipulate was "I just want to show people was is right, what is correct." What is so incredibly ironic is that he is, indeed incorrect. The law says so and so does the vast majority of countries around the globe. It was the same thing when gay marriage was legalized. There was many states around the country saying that they would not honor what the law had said because they did not agree with it. However, in reality, their agreement with it was of little importance seeing as it if what the law deemed was going to happen.

I will never be anything but pro-choice.

I tire so much of the circular arguments that spiral around and around as to if the embryo is a life to persevere or a cell within the body easily flushed out. I tire of the hypocrisy, how people pro-life are also pro-death penalty and anti-death control, how the state I currently live in requires a 48-hour waiting period as well as a mandatory counseling session in which the patient has to "make sure we know what we are doing" and people are able to purchase guns without any sort of counseling session or really any evaluation except for the fact that they are of age and have the man to purchase it.

These lectures given by old retired men trying to shame women for making a choice is a narrative I have grown so incredibly tired of. I don't want to live in a government similar to the ones in third world countries captured by dictatorships and oppressive reign. where women are told what they are and aren't allowed to do, forced against their will to bear children that they do not desire to bare and their lives are forever veered into a direction that could have been easily avoided.

I'll fight for my right.

I will fight for the right to choose and for the right to accessible, free health care for reproductive rights and for women. I want a world with options where a woman is not doomed and damned because of mistakes. Statistics say that only 4% of women getting abortions are rape victims, but that does not take into account the underage teens who are forced to go through pregnancies due to oppressive state laws, parents or individuals who are held captive by their abusers such as women and girls sold into sex trafficking.

Making abortion more difficult will in no way stop it. Women in the 1920's still performed abortions whether it was in underground, dodgy clinics or performed by themselves. The reality is just as much abortion occurred then, but it was exceedingly less safe and put the life of the woman at risk. When these procedures are performed in safe hospitals in clinics it is proven to be one of the safest and easiest operations performed on a human being, significantly easier than remove a tooth.

However, these rights that we fight for are under constant attack. Abortion is a choice and one that every single woman has the right to make, taking away this from our women is a modern day example of an indicative government stripping away a basic human right. I am pro-choice and I will remain pro-choice despite the graying men who scream otherwise at me. I will stand strong and demand a choice for all.

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