Just like some Christians are Baptist, some Pagans are Wiccan.

Disclaimer: I do not worship Christian deities. I am NOT a satanist. I do not worship "satan".

I worship creation, not a creator. I believe that we do not own the earth, we are part of it. I refer to the earth as a "goddess" and a "god" that work together to create harmony. Through my research, I have concluded that for myself, respect for the earth makes more sense than to worship something I have no solid proof of. I follow the Wiccan Rede: "If it harms none, do as ye will." I do not believe that my ultimate salvation is through Christian beliefs.

Unlike some Wiccans, I do not practice Magick. I practice two forms of divination, reading tarot cards, and reading auras. I believe that everything has a meaning. Different colors mean different things. I believe in the chakra points and their meanings. I believe in the different meanings and healing properties associated with crystals and gemstones.

Most of my family are either Christian or Christo-pagan. I lean more toward paganism than my family. Most of my family originates from Scotland and are followers of the Celtic traditions. I do not blame an exterior entity or being for my shortcomings, weaknesses or mistakes. Those are all things that originate within me and are not the fault of another. I acknowledge the cycles of the seasons and the lunar phases. I believe in religious freedom, my people before me were persecuted and murdered because they worship living things. I practice tolerance and acceptance. I do not worship Satan (who is a Christian deity and they can keep him-- bad dude, I hear).

I am to harm none. I am still human and am susceptible to poor judgement and mistakes. I am not perfect. I try natural remedies to ailments before synthetic ones. I believe in essential oils and their health benefits. I believe in burning sage for its various benefits. I practice meditation and am in touch with myself.

I am Wiccan. Most importantly, I am a part of the earth and the beauty of creation.