Why I Write For Odyssey

Why I Write For Odyssey

Insight into why I decided to begin writing for Odyssey.


My first exposure to Odyssey came during my senior year when many of my friends who graduated the year prior began either writing or sharing stories written by their new college friends. I remember reading one of my friend's articles and then talking to her about it. She told me that she chose to write for the Odyssey because she was a fairly good writer in high school and loved to write. I thought about doing it and ended up requesting to join about a month before I graduated from high school. I received the email that I would be writing for the Odyssey as my graduating class was coming back from our senior boat cruise in Boston the night prior to graduation. I was beyond excited.

So, why did I choose to request to join Odyssey? I love to write and it is as simple as that. Throughout high school, I took many advanced English courses and my senior year I took AP Literature and Composition. It was during this class that I really found that I enjoyed writing. During this class we did the stereotypical literary analysis pieces that all high school students are forced to do. We also had the opportunity to write many reflective and personal pieces. I loved writing these pieces and being able to share my opinions. I planned on majoring in communication in college and began to toy with the idea of possibly having a concentration in journalism. I still am not entirely sure, but I figured Odyssey was a great place to explore that option.

I began writing for Odyssey the week after I graduated from high school and this major transition became the topic of many of my articles. This platform allows you to share your advice about events that you have gone through and help those currently living through similar situations. You are able to write about whatever you want when it comes to Odyssey and I love being able to write about a myriad of topics. I have written about topics ranging from where I grew up to how to help a friend in a bad relationship. Your articles can be as serious or lighthearted as you choose. My favorite article that I wrote so far would have to be “The 10 Commandments of a Cape Codder During the Summer.” This was my fourth article but it was the first one that received more than 50 shares. This article received a total of 11,905 shares and over 80 comments. A local radio station even talked about it on their morning show. This was a surreal experience and it was very unexpected. I love being able to write for a public audience and receiving feedback about my writing.

Odyssey provided me with a group of people that I already knew prior to college, while also providing me an outlet to express my thoughts and opinions. Writing an article every week can be tough because writer's block is not a myth. I find myself pushing off writing my article, but once I pick a topic and begin, I enjoy every second of writing it! Odyssey has given me a place to explore my potential interest in journalism and write about whatever I want.
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