YouTube is probably one of the greatest gifts in the modern world, there are endless possibilities of entertainment on this one website alone. Here are some of the reasons I love YouTube:

1. You can become a pro at basically anything.

When I first discovered YouTube as a fetus 11 year-old in the 6th grade I was amazed by all the different videos there were on a single topic alone. At this awkward time in my life, I happened upon makeup tutorials -- thousands of them. And I was hooked. I watched makeup videos every single day to the point that my mom gave a time limit for how long I could spend doing so. As I sat watching and absorbing all the techniques that the various makeup artists had to offer my mother shook her head and thought, "She's waisting her time on those stupid videos". Yet here I am today, a 17-year-old who still has a passion for makeup AND I do my mom's makeup whenever she's going out; obviously now she appreciates the countless hours I "wasted".

2. It's an instant mood booster

Like many other people, I can always count on a stomach aching laugh to cheer me up; and most of the time, I find those funny things that make me laugh until I hurt on YouTube. Whether it's just a person vlogging a day in their life, or a video where people make fools of themselves at the expense of others, knowing full well people will be laughing at them (and with them), YouTube never fails to lift my spirits when I need it most.

3. You're never alone

On YouTube you are bound to find a YouTuber who is open about their life experiences; the good and the bad, the life you see on camera and the one behind the scenes. And I think the most powerful videos on YouTube are the ones where people open up about their struggles in their life; showing us that they're just like us. Watching these types of videos can be some of the most comforting things in the world, to know you're not alone and that there's someone experiencing the same hardships in their life makes your life a little more bearable.

4. You can find endless reasons to procrastinate

Getting lost in the wormhole that is YouTube requires 3 simple steps:

1.) Open the app

2.) Pick any video you want to watch

3.) Just let the next video play

It is so easy to get lost in the endless possibilities on YouTube, spending hours on end doing absolutely nothing. Well, maybe you watch a video about something you're interested in, a video that makes you laugh, think, cry, angry. Losing yourself in videos isn't always the worst thing in the world, it might just mean the things you have to do in the real world will still be waiting for you once you break free from the trance.