So I've been doing my YouTube channel for almost a year and I set a goal for myself at the beginning of the year to have one hundred subscribers by the end of 2017. I hit that goal in October and I was really proud of myself. I loved being able to express myself and create fun content for people to watch online.

I post a video or two a week and it only takes about an hour of my day. I do earn money from my videos and get at least two hundred views on them. But I'm going, to be honest. There are over 4 billion content creators on Youtube. They all put a lot of time and work into making their videos. This isn't a rant, this isn't bashing on YouTube, this is me expressing my voice of concern and opinion.

It hasn't been the greatest year being a content creator. Here's Why.

1. Copyrighting

If you use any music by an artist in your videos, whether it be to react to it or just to have background music, it can be flagged for copyrighting by music labels because they legally own the tracks. There are three things that YouTube does when they find copyright content.

1) They either take off monetization for the video but it can still be viewed. 2) They block the video on certain devices or smaller countries. Or 3) They blocked the video in all countries and you get a copyright strike. It's really taken toll on people specifically newcomers and popular creators who're content is involved with current music in the last twenty years

2. Ad Earnings

Now this is the most recent problem happening on Youtube right now. The new yellow icon has been popping up on videos in the last few months. This meant that your videos aren't going to earn the amount it would earn in a regular viewing period because it doesn't met the platform's guidelines for users and content.

This is becoming a serious problem for everyone in the YouTube community. The heads at YouTube and Google haven't provided information or understanding reason as to why this is happening to everybody. People are frustrated and overwhelmed to the point where they are shutting their channels down. If these problems aren't addressed and properly fixed, YouTube will be soon disappear and be known as a thing of the past.