After a half-disappointing midterm election Nov. 6, I decided to watch Minhaj's new show, Patriot Act. Despite not being a fan of his before, I can say that I am starting to become one now.

Patriot Act has the format of a brightly-lit TED talk, the energy of a birthday party, and the Asianness of a 33-year-old Indian-American. Yes, it is just as awesome as it sounds.

Minhaj is insightful, energetic, and hilarious as he challenges societal norms and gives the real scoop on recent goings-on without going too Trump-y. For someone who tries to be as politically aware as possible (but gets worn down from all the jargon of CNN), the Patriot Act is the next best thing.

The first three episodes focus on Amazon, Affirmative Action, and Saudi Arabia, exactly in that order. The topics seem mundane, but Minhaj isn't. With his quick wit and eyes that seem to stare into your soul, he is able to engage viewers of all ages, races, and political acumen.

Obviously, any political comedian must know his material, but I was struck by how in-depth Minhaj was with his topics; with his segments, I got caught up with the current events. With his show, I get excited over the news, and particularly, Minhaj's takes on it.

What with the Asian excellence in media in the past several months Hasan Minhaj is continuing the blaze. If you are Asian, whether brown or yellow, Patriot Act acts as a community of sorts that is able to laugh at and with, criticize, and embrace the full spectrum of the Asian-American identity.

Even if you are not Asian, though, Patriot Act is chock-full of raw data and Minhaj charisma that keeps the material light but sensitive, and you on the edge of your seat. In just under half an hour each episode, Minhaj is able to compile information and deliver it better than any other AP Gov class can in the nation. For that reason alone, the Patriot Act is a must-watch.