A trip for the soul...

For my spring break this year, I forwent the typical destination vacation and went to Colorado on a girl's road trip with my mom. Sure, Vegas would have been wild and yes some gorgeous beach in a foreign country would be memorable to say the least, but I chose something much more lowkey. So why did I opt for a road trip? Well, I'm someone who loves taking these trips, and even though my family and I drive across the country to Colorado at least once a year, I always find something new to love about the journey.

1. The Sense Of Adventure

There's something therapeutic about venturing across the States You develop a new appreciation for your surroundings as well as modern day america. I love being able to explore parts of the country i've never been to before. The trip is so much more interesting when you take your time. Every time I go on a road trip i'm reminded of just how big our world is, and just how much there is to see and enjoy.

2. The People

Road trips really are no fun when it's just you.It really depends on who you take with you. Some of my favorite and most cherished memories with my family took place on our family road trips. Sure, maybe we got a little sick of each other but it brought us together. With the right people (friends, family) your road trip has the potential to be unforgettable, the laughs are endless, the conversations go on for hours, and the memories last forever

3. The Sights

Road trips are the perfect opportunity to see all the amazing sights our country has to offer. You can take your time, stop and take in the views, My personal favorite are the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. But it isn't just our national landmarks that are worth a second look. I actually really enjoy seeing all the cities and towns we pass through during our trip. Again, it reminds me of how big our country is and of all the different kinds of people who call it home.

4. The Stories

Some of my oddest, funniest, and most bizzare stories happened while I was driving across the country. When you have that much time to spend on the road almost anything and everything can happen. Some of these were actually pretty traumatic but after the dust settled they made for great stories.

5. The Destination

It's always a great feeling to get where you were going, especially if you've had to wait to see it. Somehow your destination is more vivid and beautiful after spending so many hours, even days on the road I've also found that the more effort I put in to getting somewhere, the more I come to appreciate it when I get there.