Going to concerts can be an exhilarating thing. From getting that anxious feeling waiting in line for your ticket to be scanned, to hearing the main act open with their first song, there are more than enough events to give you goosebumps. We always say, "I'd love to hear this song performed live", but when the time comes around to buy a ticket, excuses are made. Sometimes we don't have enough money and sometimes the concerts are too far, but I think that concerts are one of the things that we should travel for, or spend the extra dollar for, and here's why.

People listen to music through their headphones, through the stereo in their cars, off of their computers, whatever. There's nothing like hearing your favorite singer's genuine voice, paying attention to the raspiness of it and thoroughly enjoying the raw talent that is presented in front of you. The thrill of standing with hundreds, even thousands of fans, and bopping along to the sound of the beat is unparalleled.

There's always a set list, and the artists pretty much have a show routine down pat, but live shows can truly never be recreated. There will always be at least one moment in the show that is different from every other show that has been performed in the past, and that's magical. Time stops when you're in a venue, and it's like you're in a completely different world. Looking around a room full of people singing the same words that you are is almost unreal.

My advice is this: buy the ticket, even if it's expensive. Travel to a venue even if you put a substantial amount of miles on your car. Soak up every moment. Record your favorite songs, but pay attention with your eyes. Don't take a million different pictures, just take a few and be in the moment. Be present, witness everything with your eyes. You make more memories that way, and I ensure you will have a better time if you do.