Why You Should See Mary Poppins Returns

Why You Have To See 'Mary Poppins Returns'

Mary Poppins Returns is truly unique in its ability to maintain the spirit of the original film while also breathing new life into it.


Mary Poppins, released in 1964, is among the Disney films I did not watch until my early teen years. Perhaps more than any other film I had watched until then, Mary Poppins stunned me and inspired me to look more closely at how films are made. If you know nothing about the production of Mary Poppins, allow me to assure that it was nothing short of spectacular and innovative.

Therefore, when I heard Mary Poppins would return to film in 2018, I was excited beyond words. If you are avoiding Mary Poppins Returns because you fear it will not live up to the original or because you suspect it may be a cheap retelling of a perfect tale, you may put those thoughts to rest.

Mary Poppins Returns is truly unique in its ability to maintain the spirit of the original film while also breathing new life into it. Although the cast is new, they each pay special homage to the original story, especially Lin-Manuel Miranda as Jack the Leery (Lamplighter) and Emily Blunt as the title character. Jane and Michael Banks, although grown, can be easily remembered as the children they were in the original film. Michael's children John, Annabel, and Georgie, while continuing the themes of innocence set forth by their young predecessors, also bring their own challenges to Mary Poppins.

It is impossible to witness the stunning visuals of the film without noticing the nods to the original. The choreography and costumes alike, though new, are undoubtedly inspired by the past. The music, my personal favorite part of Mary Poppins, perfectly manages to teach new lessons in the previously established style of Mary Poppins.

I find most notable Richard Sherman's (one of the original composers for Mary Poppins) role as a music consultant The willingness to include some of the creative genius, which made Mary Poppins, of Sherman and, briefly in the film, Dick van Dyke, demonstrates remarkable respect and appreciation of the past.

As always, Mary Poppins has a way of telling you whatever it is you most need to hear. Whether you need to remember that "a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down," or "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" can be used to describe any big feeling, or that sometimes what's really important is taking the time to "feed the birds," Mary Poppins is there to remind you. Mary Poppins Returns does a profound job in continuing this special talent for telling the audience what basic fact of happiness they have likely been overlooking or forgetting for a very long time.

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Lil Dicky's 'Earth' Is The Most Influential Song Of 2019, Change My Mind

And the music video may be even better.


Lil Dicky is a known musician know for his songs 'Pillow Talking' and 'Freaky Friday' featuring Chris Brown. The songs are fun silly and are very catchy. Last week, Lil Dicky released a new song titled 'Earth' featuring about 30 plus artists including Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Brendon Urie, Zac Brown Band, and many others. This song is just as enjoyable as his other songs; however, this one carries an extremely important message.

In this song, Dicky brings awareness to the condition of the Earth along with the idea of world unity. Through the inclusion of several animal species, he shows how the earth doesn't just belong to us as human, but to the animals as well. Oftentimes, the human race can be extremely selfish and forget that we do share the planet with other species who are just as important as us.

In one of his last verses, Dicky mentions the way we are harming the earth through pollution and fighting wars. This part of the song becomes more serious to emphasize the importance of this topic. In the music video, the colorful visuals turn dark and gray which can bring to attending the dying planet.

In his effort to save the earth, Dicky calls for unity among all countries and continents. Saying how all past issues are in the past and we all need to come together since we live on the same planet. With all the political issues happening on a global scale, the earth and its health are often pushed to the end of the priority list. By adding this part to the song, Dicky brings awareness of that topic back to the top.

'Earth' by Lil Dicky is the most important song of 2019. Through his creative artistry and inclusion of over 30 artists, people will notice the message of this song and hopefully begin to make changes that will impact the earth in positive ways. If you haven't watched the music video or listened to the song please do.

Earth is the only planet we have; thus, we need to show how much we love it by actually taking action to care for it.

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My Natural Hair Journey Over The Past 4 Years

When I was first going natural in 2014, I didn't understand the concept of not putting heat into my hair for my curls to actually show. I was still flat ironing my hair every week or two.


When I was first going natural in 2014, I didn't understand the concept of not putting heat into my hair for my curls to actually show. I was still flat ironing my hair every week or two.

When I finally decided to take the health of my hair serious in 2015, I began by cutting it very short. I then tried Bantu knots to see how my hair would look in its natural state, I wasn't a fan. So, I began wearing protective styles such as braids, weaves, and wigs.

As my hair grew underneath my protective styles I began to love my length and curls. I finally started wearing my hair out in 2016 when I first moved to Alabama to attend college. I would occasionally still wear protective styles but not nearly as often.

In 2017, I still only did twist outs on my hair because I didn't know what product combination to use to get other styles I wanted. Now in 2018, I still use protective style every couple of months but I am focused on the health of my hair.

I also recently began trying different hairstyles to just not always be stuck doing the same things every week. Look out for a blog about when I got my hair colored blue during the summer of 2018 and what led me to do it. Also, I will be posting about my wash day and what products I use to achieve certain hairstyles.

1. The Big Chop

January of 2015

2. Sew Ins (weave)

January 2016

3. Braids

July 2017

4. Natural Hairstyles

August of 2017

5. Natural Afro

June 2018

6. Coloring My Hair Blue

June of 2018

7. Natural Hair 4 year Anniversary

January 2019

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