Why You Should be Positive During Finals

Why You Should be Positive During Finals

...even though Winter Break is literally a hair's length away.

Just recently, a little snow fell onto my city. It was a light dusting in comparison to what other parts of the United States may experiences, but it merited a lot of enthusiasm amongst the students. I experienced it through walking out on a veranda on my dorm that evening. It was beautiful, almost romantic.

It was a study break, so I couldn’t experience it that long, which brings me to the timing of Winter Break and finals for the quarter/semester.


This wasn’t the first time in which I’ve experienced a crunch of exams and papers before a long break; during high school, there was an infamous two weeks between Thanksgiving and Winter Break. I’ve observed due dates left and right, people peering over papers and laptops to get something done at the last moment. I got an intense atmosphere everywhere, something which was rewarded with two weeks of doing whatever we desired. And did I mention no homework?

It was embued so into me as of the time; nowadays, I don’t have a clear memory of the times in which homework was assigned over the break, work which would be neglected until the last possible moment after the New Year. While I had a long paper during my junior year, that’s the only time I recall, and it was for the end of the semester.

Speaking of which, one difference between high school and college in terms of these hanging moments is that with my private high school, there was still more time before the semester formally ends. So while we enjoy our holiday antics, or just laying down in bed doing nothing, a black cloud hangs over, reminding about what ambitions are needed to add cherries to the semester.

However, in college, one can relax for the most part, save for the FAFSA, study abroad applications, summer jobs and internships. Either way, one can do what they wanted to do before they got overwhelmed with another round of classes, which are bound to be exciting, depending on the year.


So for those who think winter break is ruined because of this juxtaposition, one may take some positivity out of it. As the cliché goes—one door closes, another opens. But it also means that it's the last chance to take something out of the classes your about to end; once you turn in that exam, you'll never go back and rewrite it.

I don't agree with calling tests "festivities", because they aren't. At the same time, they don't have to be torture chambers; instead, it's an opening, towards a further opportunity to talk about these things during the break you've earned.

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What Is Really Wrong With The Lori Loughlin Scandal?

This scandal has really caused a debate on multiple platforms on whether or not justice will be given to the rich and the famous.


Last week, news came out with a report that actress, Lori Loughlin, along with other important lawyers and doctors paid or cheated their way for their children to attend prestigious universities. So, what is really wrong with this scandal? Surely, the primary thing is that she considered herself at an advantage to paying $500,000 to the University of Southern California for both of her daughters to be accepted there. Due to both of her daughters' academic situations, the girls would not have been accepted as their grades meet below average qualifications. However, because of this bribery, they were put on as recruits for the university's crew team and accepted into the college as athletes.

These girls took away opportunities from other hardworking students who possibly deserved to be accepted into the university. Athletes who have trained for years and years were not put on the crew team because of the bribe. The girls, however, were allowed entrance to this elite school without ever having to compete in crew to be accepted. Students who have studied long hours and tried their hardest are being unjustly rejected because they can't pay their way in. Meanwhile, in one of Olivia Jade's videos, she complained, "I don't really care about school". She only wanted to go because of parties and friends as she states earlier in the video. Also, these universities aren't really considered credible to the fact that they have partaken in bribery. This produces a rippling effect that affects those who actually worked hard to get into USC or any other school. It causes people to question whether it is reputable in the admissions process.

Also, with Lori Loughlin, it seems as if there will be no harsh charges brought up against her. With her money, she was released on bail which cost $1 million. Many seem to believe that there will be almost no jail time at all for this crime because of the fact that she is rich and famous. That is something to be considering as this scandal continues to shape itself into a wake-up call from America's elite to the public.

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