Why You Should Go Vegan & 7 Easy Vegan Recipes

Why You Should Go Vegan & 7 Easy Vegan Recipes

Surely you hear more and more talk about the world of veganism, right?


Surely you hear more and more talk about the world of veganism, right? It is a lifestyle that, although it has existed for years, it has not been until very recently that it has become popular. But, although you think you know EVERYTHING about this lifestyle, lets look into why so many people are going vegan nowadays..

The first vegan was the philosopher Pythagoras. One of the first and most famous vegans was the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras who lived during the 6th century B.C. In addition, Plato, Da Vinci, Tolstoy and Voltaire, and other historical figures were also vegan and had a plant-based diet. Did not you know?

Being vegan is not just about food. The main feature is that vegan people substitute food and animal products for other healthy and ecological alternatives. The vast majority of them reject any type of animal product and that is why they not only have to think about what they are eating, but also in clothes and cosmetics since leather and some ingredients come from animals.

A vegan's diet is not always healthy. Did you think being vegan is very healthy? Well, not quite. Yes, it is true that many more vegetables and fruits are eaten in the vegan diet, which helps prevent some diseases and be healthier, but certain ultra-processed foods with excess fats, sugars or salt are also accepted in a vegan diet. Consuming too much plant based protein cookies will have the same effects of eating too much regular cookies.

Being vegan doesn't make you lose weight either. As we have just commented, there are foods such as sweets, fried and desserts in the diet of vegans who are not healthy at all, so eating vegan does not mean losing weight. Also, although the meat has a lot of fat, there are many diets to lose weight that include it.

Vegans have a better sex life than those who eat meat. According to some research it has been proven that by eliminating red meat from the diet, body odor is more sensual. Surprise! In addition, in other recent studies, it was found that vegan people have a better sex life than carnivores. For what is this? This occurs because some plants positively influence some hormones involved in sexual performance.

Although, did you know that vegans have to use specific condoms? Normal condoms are made with casein, a protein that comes from milk and serves to make the latex softer and more elastic. Luckily, in the contraceptive market, there are more and more laboratories that produce condoms suitable for vegans.

Would you like to consume more vegetables, but you don't know how? These recipes will help you achieve your goal, while discovering the richest side of plant-based food.

Vegetable rolls

A super easy and rich way to eat raw vegetables. You can fill them with whatever you want or follow the instructions of Dance of Stoves.

Pad thai

Pad thai with vegetables Vegan cuisine invites us to prepare this delicious dish, ideal for lunch or dinner.

Vegetable smoothie

This Begin Vegan Begun smoothie is perfect for breakfast, without realizing it you will be consuming a lot of vegetables, and it is delicious!

Quinoa salad

Salads are an excellent way to consume many vegetables. Piloncillo & Vanilla teaches you how to prepare this tasty version.

Arabic tacos

Cooking this delicious dish will only take 20 minutes. Follow the steps of Vegan Cuisine.

Brown Rice Wok

You will love this mix of flavors and textures! Try the recipe of Dance of Stoves.

Buddha bowl

In addition to practical, these bowls are very beautiful! With them, food becomes a very pleasant moment. Prepare this Piloncillo & Vanilla.

Budah bowl vegan

Do you want more advice? Download the Vegetarian Beginner Guide for free and follow us on Pinterest to discover hundreds of ideas for a compassionate diet.

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