Why You Should Go To Paint Night

Why You Should Go To Paint Night

You do not need to be Picasso.

Paint night is a fun, stress free activity that allows you to channel into your inner child. It is not only a good way of socializing with people but it also helps you engage in the creative process of your mind. Even if you've never picked up a paint brush or taken a painting class, I encourage you to try it out. I know some of you may be thinking, "I am not artistically inclined" or "I am not an artist" but that's the most amazing part about paint night.

1. No experience required.

Anyone can go to paint night and walk out with a beautiful finished product. They go through the process step by step so it is not stressful or overwhelming and you can take your time with each step.

2. Made a mistake? No problem.

If you are worried about making mistakes or messing up, you can always fix it. You can just wait until it dries and add more paint over it. You can also ask the instructor to help you get the look that you are hoping for.

3. Relaxation.

Who wouldn't want to listen to music, talk with friends, create art (and if you are of age maybe have a drink)? It's the perfect night out if you are looking for something new to do.

4. It's different.

There are many activities that are fun and exciting such as going to see a movie, bowling, mini golfing, go karts, etc. Paint night is a unique and different experience that is rewarding because you not only make some good memories but you also have something to take home to show your family and friends.

5. Good Vibes.

You are able to laugh at how silly your paintings may have looked throughout the process and you can walk out proud of the end result.

Cover Image Credit: Paint & Vino

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Poetry On The Odyssey: It's a Girl

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