I recently asked one of my best friends, Sam, what his biggest fear in life was. His answer: rejection. At first I figured he was talking about girls. But getting rejected by your crush being your all-time worst fear? No, I knew he was talking about deeper rejection. I found it ironic that he brought this up only a few days after I struggled with a rejection of my own. I had auditioned for an anchor position for the news station at my school and didn't quite get the part. At first I was extremely distraught. I really thought I would get it after all the practice I had put in and how well I felt about the audition. Given some time, though, I realized it is extremely important to embrace the low moments like this. Especially watching a lot of my friends rush sororities and not getting the feedback they were hoping for, I now understand more than ever the power in holding your head high through the tough times.

1. It's Important to Recognize Life isn't Happy All of the Time 

We live in a society that chases after the idea of pure bliss, which gives a lot of people the wrong impression that it's not okay to be sad. We believe that there is some key to stable happiness, when in reality life is not consistent, so it's impossible for you to be happy all of the time. Bad things happen, we each struggle with our own insecurities, things do not always go as planned, and things we cherish often come to an end. There is no way around it, and we have to learn how to face and deal with the lesser sought after emotions.

2. The Low Times Teach You to Appreciate the High Times

This is one you have definitely heard before, but it reigns true. When you get sick, you realize how nice it is to not be sick. It's the same with emotions. When you are rejected, you understand the fulfillment of acceptance in other areas of your life. If you start to appreciate what you do have already, the rejection becomes less painful.

3. Keeping Your Head Up Through the Hard Times Builds the Greatest Character

As hard as it may be to get out of a slump, it is so important to gain awareness during these tougher moments. You have to recognize that you aren't happy to then realize something must be changed. People that have been through a lot understand the most consequential thing you can change in these hard times is your attitude. Start counting your blessings rather than counting all the things wrong with you or your life at the moment. As Oprah Winfrey said, "Turn your wounds into wisdom." The next time you face rejection, take some time to wallow in it. But instead of completely dragging yourself down the drain, view the process as a learning experience and understand that overcoming failure is:

1. Part of being human (you are not alone in your struggle)

2. The greatest way to build perseverance and strength (if you can keep the right attitude, that is)