Every College Student, Remember, You Are Not Behind

Dear you,

I know it feels like you are alone in this sometimes. You are not. I am here with you--and the funny thing is, there are most definitely so many people that also feel the same way that are walking around in silence.

I've thought on this long and hard. Impatience, fear, ignorance and anxiety are key reasons that young people struggle to grow within themselves in college and in life. It's tripped my personal growth up, and if you're reading this--it's probably affected yours as well.

The positive thing is that, we need this struggle and these growing pains to actually make us realize what it is that we need to do to assist our evolution into the people that we were always meant to be. This is my third year away at school, and I am still learning this. That is okay.

Sometimes, it feels like you're falling behind. It bothers you that you don't have the answers to all of the big questions in your life. It feels like you're not where you're supposed to be in life, or that you should've already accomplished this or that. Maybe you wanted a boyfriend by now, or maybe you haven't found employment when you feel like you should have. You look at the older people in your family or your friends who seem to be further ahead of you, and you think, "why don't I have what they have?" Whatever it may be, there has always been something that you feel you haven't lived up to at the right time.

Well, the simple but subtle and almost-hard-to-find-truth of the matter is that this is your right time. Wherever you are right now is exactly where you need to be. I know that is so hard to accept, but even if you haven't taken initiative in your life and even if you truly aren't where you feel you're supposed to be--there is a reason for it all. This is your journey, and it is happening just as it was supposed to. However your story was meant to unfold, it is being written with every step you take and in every single time you choose to get out of bed in the morning.

To accept this life truth, I need you to do two things. I will make a promise to do these things alongside of you, wherever you are on your path.

1: Stop comparing yourself. To anything.

Understand that comparison is different than challenge and that it is always harmful to you. You are on your own, respective journey. Someone will always seem to be behind of you, and someone will always seem to be ahead.

2: Find your passion and embrace it fully.

I say this with all seriousness. Especially if you have already found your passion in college and are pursuing it, always go back to the why. Why are you doing this? Why are you where you are? What sparks a fire in you? If you can go back to the source and find what makes your heart beat with the intention to keep pursuing your path, you will always have a way home. If you feel lost, and even if you feel completely behind--remember your passion and why it lead you to where you are today, in this moment.

The last thing that I will leave you with for now is this. You may have many objectives and goals in life. You may feel like there is not enough time or not a single way for it to all workout. You may just want to end-game and settle for whatever is available to you right in this moment. You may want your life to start right now. But let me tell you this: your life has already begun. You are living it right now, in this very moment. If you truly are destined for what you want so very badly, it will come in due time. If you are ready to work for it and obtain what you deserve, you will have it. You will have it all.

In the grand scheme of things, college is only four years of your life...and four years flies faster than you can blink. There is so much life. Don't take it for granted.

You don't need to have all of the answers. Live your life now.

Love always.



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