At the beginning of this summer the first thought that crossed my mind was: "WOW, senior year flew by!" On college move-in day in August, I thought: "WOW, the summer flew by so fast!" And now, with fall break approaching next week, I'm thinking: "WOW, my first semester is flying by so fast! How is it already fall break?"

As I get older I'm realizing that time is going by so much quicker. I am also realizing that I haven't really taken the time to think back to the past memories not only from previous weeks in college but also from high school and even earlier. Our society is so focused on the future and what we will do next week, next month, and next year that we forget to just take a moment and relax in the present moment. I have found that a good way to ease my mind and take time for myself is to write down memories. These memories could be from ten minutes ago, yesterday, or ten years ago, whatever comes to your mind at the time!

Writing down your best memories is a therapeutic way to put everything in your life into perspective, and it'll also improve your mood. I was reading through my journal and I re-read a memory from 2008, and I couldn't stop laughing about how different my life was back then compared to now! Sometimes it's good to realize how much has changed, or how much hasn't in your life - because that will make the future seem less daunting.

Another good thing about writing down your memories is that you can write them down now and read back at them in a few years, which will make them seem even better! My parents, over 40 years later, still talk about their college experiences, and I would love to make sure I have something tangible to remember my experiences also.

So, if you ever feel bored, overwhelmed, nostalgic, homesick, or sad, writing down your memories is a great way to pick yourself up and give you a better outlook on life. By remembering all the great experiences that have happened in your life so far, you can look forward to the future without worrying too much because you know there will be many more memories to write down in the upcoming weeks, months, and years!