If You're Living Life Like Swiss Cheese, You Need To Fill The Holes

If You're Living Life Like Swiss Cheese, You Need To Fill The Holes

We all have holes, and only ONE thing can fill them.

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My mom used to always tell me that we're like Swiss cheese. From the outside, that sounds like a pretty weird thing to say. But when you understand what she's talking about, it makes perfect sense.

We all have holes in our hearts. We're longing for something and we're just not sure what it is. We try to fill it with every single thing we can think of. Whether it is a boyfriend, material items, money, alcohol, or success, we think once we reach what we're longing for, we will be happy. We won't feel like we're longing for something anymore. We tell ourselves, "Once I'm in a relationship, then I won't be empty." But once you get in a relationship, guess what you notice pretty quickly? That it doesn't completely fulfill you. And then we repeat this over and over.

"Once I'm engaged..."

"Once I'm married..."

"Once I have a good job..."

"Once I have a house..."

"Once I start a family..."

Yet if you talk to someone at any point in their life, whether they be 16 or 92, they will tell you that they don't feel completely fulfilled with any of these things.

That's because our identity isn't found in these things. It's found in Christ.

We're people full of holes, like Swiss cheese. We try to fill these holes with other people, possessions, and achievements. Temporarily, these things seem to work. We feel satisfied for a short amount of time with a job, a GPA, or a relationship. But eventually, that satisfaction fades away. These things don't completely fill all of your holes. And they never will.

There's only one thing that can fill our holes, and that's Christ.

Colossians 2:10 literally says "you have been filled in Him." If your identity isn't found in Christ, be prepared to keep searching. You will only feel complete in Him.

So ask yourself. What are you searching for? What are you using to fill your holes? Is it working?

When it comes to worldly matters, you're always going to keep longing for something more. But when it comes to Christ, He is all you need.

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