Why I Wear Hair Extensions

Why I Wear Hair Extensions

It's a confidence booster.

I think everyone has wanted long hair but either their hair can never grow or they're like me and always cut their hair. That's my problem, I always dream of having long luscious hair but I can never manage my hair and cut it and every chance I get. Also my hair doesn't grow as fast as I want it. Trust me, I've tried biotin and folic acids. It ain't just cutting it for me. The photo below shows what i currently look like without extensions. Although my hair is medium length, I would like it to be long and luscious.

However that's why the Earth created hair extensions. Hair extensions come in various types like tape in or clip in. You can get human hair extensions or synthetic hair extensions. The difference is of course, that you can do anything with human hair extensions, like wash and use heat on them. With synthetic hair extensions, it's a plastic-like consistency and while you can use heat on them—the packaging normally tells you how much heat the extensions can take—you can't really wash them.

My hair extension of choice is synthetic hair clip-in's. Clip-in extensions, in my opinion, are easy to put in and you can have long hair in minutes. When you buy clip in extensions, there are eight wefts or hair pieces in the package and a how-to guide of how to put them in. I think I was in my junior year of high school when I discovered extensions and I was so excited to put them in. The sad thing about synthetic extensions is their shelf life. If you use your extensions for everyday use then your extensions will look ratty and gross within six months or less, which means you gotta buy new extensions.

My sophomore year of college is when I bought my second set of extensions and I really couldn't be happier with them. A lot of my friends wonder why I always wear extensions. Something about hair extensions is like a safety blanket. I feel more beautiful while wearing them. I feel more confident in my skin with this long luscious hair.The photo below is me with my extensions. I look like a whole new person. I feel like a different person. My extensions are a confidence booster for me.

Cover Image Credit: Pam Graboso

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How to Make Your Winter Fashion Fun

My Style Tips for the Winter

Winter is both the easiest and worst time to get dressed. There are tons of fun sweaters and cozy socks that are fun to wear in the colder months, but sometimes it's easy to get bored wearing the same style of outfit every day for four months. It's hard to not get bored with cardigans and button up shirts or pullover sweaters with infinity scarves all the time, but I'm here to say you can dress for winter in a way that's more fun and brings variety to your wardrobe. Here are my winter fashion tips to spice up any outfit.

1. Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry is so easy in the winter months because so many great sweaters are solid colors. With a more demure sweater and a pair of dark skinny jeans, an over the top necklace or oversized ring stands out and will definitely get compliments. If you tend to be someone who is more on the conservative side of dressing, the statement necklace is a good way to start because it's not too over the top and will definitely make you feel more confident.

2. Hats

Let me start this section off with a disclaimer; hats are not for everyone and some of you may find them unflattering. That being said, too many people are fearful to put on a fun hat and try it out with an outfit. I was unsure the first time I donned my favorite polka dotted sun hat to an event. What I realized is people loved it. Hats exude a free spirit in many ways and many people appreciated that. I also find that for winter months, a dark colored cloche hat is perfect to look professional while once in a while a floppy hat (not on windy days) adds some spunk to an otherwise boring wardrobe. Try it out, you may find you look great in hats!

3. Patterned Pants

Winter is the season where our favorite dresses have to be pushed aside. That doesn't mean that you have to wear boring denim every day. Sure, dark wash skinny jeans are a girl's best friend in winter, but sometimes we can't put all the pressure on our patterned sweater game to show off. That's where the pattern pant comes in. For winter, it's best to stick with a cheetah print, a subdued print such as the one above, or some sort of darker colored bohemian design. Stay away from floral until at least March. You'll be happy to stay warm and make a bold move all in one outfit.

4. Lipstick

Who said your face can't be what brings your outfit together? You are gorgeous, and what you wear looks good because you make it that way. That's why lipstick is the perfect way to up your winter outfit game. Lipstick is not done enough. While natural looking lips are great, I think it's always fun to paint them up and let them pop. It gives a nice polished look that also gives you an edge you didn't know you had. Go for it, you will look incredible.

5. Sheer Shirts with Blazers

Something to definitely try on a day that is not quite as bitterly cold is a sheer top with a blazer. The blazer included win the photo is one I picked up from a thrift shop and has a little eccentricity to make the outfit come together. A sheer shirt is usually quite chic and when you combine the professional look of the blazer and the chic style of the sheer, you get a really great combo that makes you feel like you can take over the world.

6. Different Textures

The BEST thing to happen to store shelves in 2017 was the resurgence of texture. You have velvet, cashmere, and metallic all coming back along with that fishnet look that sheer gives you. Combining textures or just adding a more flamboyant one to a more conservative outfit can definitely get you compliments and just make you feel badass. Pro tip, different textured shoes are a great way to start and are always a fun way to up your look.

Cover Image Credit: Maggie Cline

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An Extended E-commerce Resolution On Jewelry Biz

How to Start Your Own Jewelry Business ?

You need to create a gorgeous online or internet proximity for jewelry store you have owned. Now you can start to sell your jewelry productions in all directions. You have to let your clients influence themselves to purchase a ring, a bracelet or a necklace for his/her beloved one from your online jewelry store. The most important task is to create the brand and enhance own profit by starting your own jewelry based e-commerce store.

Another vital task is to select a design from many predefined designed templates in order to create an excellent website that suits your e-commerce store. Then you will be able to start selling your jewelry products through the online platform with the shopping cart procedure. This will enable the order process along with logistics administration. 

 Key Tips For Starting An E-commerce Jewelry Store 

Selecting a jewelry niche is the key factor before commencing your own jewelry biz. So, you have to choose an effective jewelry niche to make the profit. An e-commerce store might be a flop thing if you fail to pick an exact niche. People usually shop for definite foremost parts of jewelry like the clothing. Suppose a person is looking for an attractive necklace, they will not search through the earrings, bracelets as well as chokers to have a perfect stuff.

Just wear a few of the jewelry which you want to sell. So that you will get an idea of customers feelings. If you are unable to wear it whole day long, your customers also would not be able to wear that jewelry as well. You also can take pictures of your products and make it more clear and attractive by image editing. You can take the image editing service from a professional image editing service company (www.clippingpathadroit.com).

Don’t forget to include the cost of each jewelry product. You can follow a technique to make good sale and profit. Just include package price and individual price. Doesn’t it sound good? 


Vital Facts Of Jewelry Biz 

You can start your business in all areas. I am going to discuss about the basics of commencing the jewelry trade or business.

You can obviously make your jewelry segment from the scratch. Therefore you have the option to buy your beads along with other elements from a supplier surely. You will get many jewelry design book from online. Select the category of the design to specialize in such as the rings, necklaces, and earrings.

If you have the ability of marketing as well as selling of your products, there are a lot of procedures to do these following things:

· Unique Brand Name:

You should select a unique and creative brand name for your e-commerce business. Generate the name ideas through a long time to have a wonderful name. Keep one vital fact that, your brand name shouldn’t be copied from any source or already taken by others.

· Unique and Available Domain Name:

Before finalizing the business brand name, you need to check and look for an available domain name. If you want to make a website, certainly a unique domain name is an important matter. Now, if you don’t know Web design and developing, take help from a professional web designer and developer. You can also learn web design and development in order to create your own Websites. If you use a special software like Microsoft Front Page, then website design or web page making will be quite easy. Buy a digital camera to capture jewelry images for uploading to your website or e-commerce site.

· Marketing Components: 

Business card is another important thing here to hand out to family, friends as well as at trade fair. Your website link and obviously the e-mail ID should be attached on the business card.

. Investment:

It is the key factor for your business. Without capital or money investment, you can’t run any business. So, prepare your investment first from possible source. Business success depends on budget.

. Selling Opportunity and Environment:

There are many things you can do to start sales such as parties, sales at trade fair and show, direct sales to merchantman, wholesalers etc. You will find a representative at the gift shows to call own chamber of commerce. Then read out the publications of the industries and check-out with the mentioned places such as the National Craft Association to have the information about those shows.


To sum up, always engage yourself to improve your skills and expert level. You can get some ideas by attending some course and seminars on craft stores, jewelry business and e-commerce store or business. You may go for having a degree in short or long term e-commerce business or shop. Having an own business means a lifelong earning and learning process obviously. So, you should take benefit of some resources which can help you to develop your own business.

I usually take the original test for a product’s potential prosperity is whether a person or you think that, why would you use a jewelry product? and why? Suppose, you are going to buy a car and then think like how would you want a car seller to handle the deal. So, think this way and note some selling technique and product quality and generate methods to sell your jewelry products. So, how are you feeling right now? No more delay, make your own plan and strategy and start a wonderful e-commerce store. Best of luck.


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