Why We Should Protect Indigenous Trees

Why We Should Protect Indigenous Trees

For every creature that walks on Earth, be it a human or an animal, trees are life. They are "lungs of Earth", and they protect us from the damaging environmental factors, such as air pollution caused by emissions.


protect us from the damaging environmental factors, such as air pollution caused by emissions. They also protect us from the harmful effects of direct solar radiation and are vital for wildlife. So, what we should do is return the favor and protect the trees. Here in Ireland, one of the main concerns that should be addressed is protecting the indigenous trees.

Years of Deforestation

Once, Ireland was a land of woods and forests. The forest cover percentage on this small island was up to 80%, however, now it has one of the lowest rates in Europe, around 11%. No other country in Europe has experienced such complete devastation of the native woodland as Ireland has. By the beginning of the 20th century, the rate of forest cover on the island was down to 1%. Human activity such as industrialization, agriculture, etc., was the reason for such widespread destruction of Irish forests.

During the 20th century, however, the Irish state started to realize the scope of damage and began the process of extensive tree-planting and creating forests on the mountainous land.

Native Trees in Ireland

Indigenous trees in Ireland play a very important role in the environment and climate. They are vital for flood control, water filtration, soil fertility security, recreation, and well-being. However, over the years the number of native trees has been reduced to only 2% of the total forest cover. One of the main reasons why we should protect the native hardwood trees is flooding. It has been proven by Bangor University research in Wales that native woodlands reduce the effects of flooding. It was shown that the soil under native trees absorbs water 67 times faster than under the grass. This happens due to their long roots that go deep and provide channels to send the water much further underground.

Preserving Indigenous Trees

Local arborist and tree surgeon, Joe Delaney Jnr of treesurgeon.care submitted a report to the Irish state agency calling for more to be done to protect the existing indigenous tree population and encourage the growth of forests via grants. Whilst the government have been slow to adopt all his recommendations, there are a few new programmes that could help resolve the situation.

For example, Forest Service's Native Woodland Scheme was designed to pay farmers to plant native naturalised woodlands. However, according to the experts that may not work. Certain species of trees, such as oak, mature only after 120 years, which won't bring any positive results any time soon. That being said, the measures taken should be used effectively to preserve the species that we have right now.

So, as the inheritors of these woods today, we have to do all that we can to preserve the low percentage of the native trees we have left. By all means, we must do our best to improve the situation and bring back what mother nature gave us. Otherwise, what will we have left? What will we leave for our children? Think about it.

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Exclusive Interview With Soul Singer December Rose

Exclusive Interview With Soul Singer December Rose


Soul Singer Rosie La Posta who goes under the moniker of December Rose releases the ballad Hanging On. Finding a vocal style of her own, she hits all the notes effortlessly. You can hear past influences but she still keeps contemporary. Think Andra Day'smega smash Rise Up. As far the inspiration behind the song, Rosie says, "Besides the grief of a crumbling relationship, the hardest part in moving on is realizing neither person ever really closed the door. 'Hanging On' really paints the melancholy of the process." She first made waves her first single "Ball Game" which received a New Artist Spotlight award and was featured on AOL/Slacker Radio's "New Pop First" channel. Give it a stream.

Can you tell us a bit about your new song Hanging On?

For sure! So 'Hanging On' is about the "elephant in the room" everyone is ignoring. The relationship is crumbling, no one's letting go and closing the door to that chapter in their lives. The song carries listeners through the reminiscing sweet encounter and desperate plea for truth to set them free.

How would you describe your sound?

Always the hardest question to answer!! haha With all the new music I've been working on, there's been a huge musical maturation. With that said, there is a lot of influence of different genres, but to keep it simple, I'd say Adele meets One Republic, meets Gavin DeGraw, meets Amy Winehouse.

What's your song writing routine like?

This has evolved a ton over the years and still haven't really found a routine. My most creative moments are usually in the mornings, in the shower, and while on public transit around the city. Super random!!! I think on average these are the times my mind has the freedom to just think about anything. So, little melodies or song concepts might come to mind, or lyrics. Sometimes on a great day, all of these things come together at the same time. Little by little I build it. I don't force the song to come together in one day if it's not there. I let the idea "sit on the slow cooker" until it's ready (can be super quick or super long).

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