I sometimes hate to discuss politics, especially when it comes to other states. However, I cannot help but comment on the special election in Alabama between Doug Jones and Roy Moore. Regardless of your politics, Roy Moore should have been the last, most reprehensible option. Why? Many reasons.

One is his promotion of birtherism, the vile conspiracy that Barack Obama was not born in the United States, but rather in Kenya, Indonesia, etc. Just not in the United States. He shamelessly promoted it up until December 2016 and declined to comment on it when asked earlier this year. Furthermore, he stated, without evidence, Obama was a secret Muslim. I don't care about politics, conspiracy theories and vile statements should help to disqualify someone from the presidency.

Another is his questionable statements, ranging from religion to school. One is the idea that God punished us for our "lack of faith" by forcing atrocities such as Sandy Hook and 9-11 onto us. Even as a religious person, it was a detestable claim to make about our declining religiosity. On top of this, there are his statements regarding school teaching. He opposes preschool because they serve as indoctrination centers for "socially liberal philosophy" and believes that this is a characteristic of totalitarianism. The other being that there is a correlation between evolution and drive-by shootings. What? These statements demonstrate a lack of a calm head, and more conspiratorial, reactionary thinking that we do not need in the Senate.

A third reason is that he is fickle on religious liberty. While pounding the drum for Christianity and religious liberty in the United States, he simultaneously stated that Keith Ellison, as a Muslim, should be prohibited from being sworn in due to his Muslim faith. He believed this due to his belief that a Muslim could not honestly swear to uphold the laws of the United States. He also believes that "sharia law has been implemented" in states such as Illinois and Indiana. There is also the statement he made about the Founding Fathers not believing in any of the Gods except for the Christian God (which, well, can be contradicted easily...). Anyone concerned about religious liberty should be concerned about things such as this.

Roy Moore was patently unfit to be a Senator. He makes false statements, he's fickle, he promotes vile conspiracies, etcetera. This isn't even touching on the sexual assault allegations, the idea that America was better off during the slavery era, or the idea that we now have problems as a result of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. I never endorsed anyone in this race, and I do not have a dog in this fight per say.

However, I can see an unqualified, unstable, fickle candidate easily, and everyone should be able to.