Whenever tragedy hits, society comes together and often shares all the prayers, and/or positive thoughts and vibes to said area. Sometimes I can’t help but think people do this to jump on the band-wagon and don’t necessarily have the most genuine feelings.

A lot of us have the mentality, “well if it isn’t happening to me, then why should I care?” You should care because you never know when tragedy can hit you or the ones you hold close to your heart. Because if that happens, you’re gonna want all the positivity in the world sent your way.

Social media is the biggest way to jump on a “bandwagon” if you will. Some of us might not even know about the place being written about until we see them trending on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on. I don’t think we realize that we’re basically just joining in the trending topics to get “likes” (because we’re taught that likes determine our self-worth).

Too many things go on in our society today. Instead of limiting our thoughts, prayers (if that’s what you do) and positive vibes to when something bad happens, we should send them on a daily basis.

Everyone, no matter how rich or poor they are, deserves as much positivity as possible sent their way.

So if you’re reading this, I’m thinking of you, and I hope you have the best possible, day, week, month, ever. I hope everything turns out in your favor, or at least the way you want it to.

Those are my positive thoughts to you. Pass it on to someone else.