It's obvious: we don't talk enough.

Or maybe we just don't talk at all. It's gotten to the point where I am completely and utterly getting sick of the middleman. We can't confront our own issues, so we use others as props in the matter. I think that it's the support that matters more than anything, but I for one have fallen under the spell of giving in and giving up when it comes to a lack of open communication.

So maybe this is an open apology to myself, or maybe this is an open apology to everyone I've gotten involved in my own messes to avoid confronting myself. Nevertheless, it's about time to grow up and move on from forgiving and forgetting. Yes, forgive, but you don't have to forget and brush controversial topics under the rug.

I think that it is about time that we start addressing some of the elephants in the room. And I think that it is probably best for everyone involved to continue to do so for the sake of our sanity.

No more 4 AM conversations on balconies about what the next move is in whatever situation we're all in. Let's make it a special pact between all of us to preserve our friendships and relationships --and most importantly ourselves.

I myself am constantly running off and away from my issues. I like to avoid the unavoidable because I feel like that's just always the easy way out. And that's the point --it's the easy way out, but it is the most problematic. I am the master of snowballing things until they get too out of hand.

And that's totally horrible and sloppy. I get it. We all can relate I think.

My biggest fear being people actually finding out how much of a mess I can actually be is slowly and subtly coming to fruition and oddly I am totally fine with it. I am an absolute organized mess and that's totally fine and I am utterly and completely and totally enough for everything, anything, and everyone.

And that realization, for everyone, leads us to bettering ourselves to be able to talk openly about how other people make us feel, and how really anything makes us feel. You are warranted to having emotions and you should be able to be open to talking them through with someone.

I am constantly finding myself frustrated when people can't read my mind, but you can't expect everyone to be your best friend. If you want something then you're going to have to ask for it, and I guess that I am talking to myself more so than anyone else.

Resolutions do not come without confrontations and do not come without an open willingness climb uphill to slide down to the bottom once again. At this point, it's way better than living in an open limbo of walking on eggshells and avoiding awkward argument potential. So for me, I am packing my bags and leaving limbo for solid ground.