Why I Want To Be A Therapist

Why I Want To Be A Therapist

She cares to the point where her heart can not bare to see those broken.

Therapy is something that is extremely underrated. Those who don’t go don’t understand, and those who do go may be too caught up in their own minds to truly understand its benefits. Stigmas including “therapy is for crazy people” or the look people give you when you say you go to therapy is heartbreaking. I want to be a therapist to break these stigmas and to help people look past the “crazy people” stigma.

I am not mentally strong. I cry at movies, I am overprotective of my friends, and I make mistakes. I’m not perfect. Perfection is merely a term created that society expects us to be, yet no one really knows what it means to be perfect. I don’t claim to always be correct. I can’t empathize with everyone's feelings. Despite all these “flaws,” I still could not imagine myself doing any other career.

I fear the powers of my own mind. Knowing what I have though, am thinking, and thoughts to come make me want to curl into a ball. I am weak, timid, and scared.

Yet, I still want to be a therapist.

So why would the cry baby, sensitive girl want such a mentally challenging job?

Because she cares.

She can not bare to those upset.

She understands.

She listens, comprehends, and feels.

She knows the pain of feeling forgotten.

She knows the pain of feeling alone.

She can not allow those she cares about to feel alone because she knows what an ugly feeling it is.

She loves and loves and loves endlessly.

She loves those who have never felt love. She believes in the good in people’s minds and finds loopholes to sadness and anxiousness.

She’s been there, which makes her strong. Happy. Sad. Anxious. Loving. Giving. Philanthropic. Scared. Understanding.

Which makes her caring.

This is why I want to be a therapist.

What about you?

Cover Image Credit: Nik Shuliahin

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Cover Image Credit: Courtney Durst

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6 Reasons Behind Why You Feel Like An Unproductive P.O.S.

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