Why You Should Vote

1 of 325.7 million. That's you or I in comparison to everyone in the United States today. Essentially a speck of dust on a skyscraper. How much of a difference can that make?

Well, in different situations, it can make a minute or monumental difference. It just depends on how you look at it. If the prize was 1 million dollars, you would vote because why not give yourself at least a chance. What do you have to lose? However, when it comes to elections, many people immediately opt out. I am no politician or political expert. I don't particularly find politics interesting or even follow them closely. I know the difference between a Republican and a Democrat, and I know that my vote matters. It counts. Whether it adds to the landslide win or is the deciding factor in my state, it counts. This is my logic behind why I vote. I have an opinion, and though it is not a strong one, it deserves to be heard and considered.

So when people say they don't vote because it won't make a difference, that is where I step in and say they're wrong. Your voice and opinion matter. You have an opinion for a reason and that is relevant to you and your life. Everyone is in control of their own life to some extent, but if you could make it more accessible or even legal, wouldn't you want to take advantage of that?

I have pledged to myself that since turning 18, I will exercise my right to vote in every way that I can because it is a privilege and duty I feel that I owe to both myself and my community. A voice is a voice no matter how big or small and having one is something to be proud of. Whether you're a die-hard politician or just a simple, active member in your community like me, get out and vote because your voice matters!

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