Trump's Travel Ban Is Still Discrimination

The Supreme Court has officially decided to hear President Trump's case on the travel ban he has been trying to put into effect since he took office. The Supreme Court has also put into effect parts of this travel ban. People from six different six different Muslim nations have been told they cannot enter the United States for 90 days unless they have a relationship with the United States. Basically, this means students accepted into a University in the United States or an employee from a foreign country that has accepted a job here in the United States can come into the United States before that 90 days is up. Here is why this travel ban is irrelevant and discriminatory.

Not every patron that comes from the six countries, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen, are Muslim. Yes, these countries are predominantly Muslim, but not everyone in these countries is Muslim. It's important to note that Islam does not stand for violence. When people get scared, it's because they think all Muslims are terrorists, when in reality, they are only thinking of the few people who are radicals. If you look at most of the terrorists in American prisons for terror crimes against the United States, they end up being mostly American. What would happen if we stereotyped our country based off a few terrorists the same way that we're stereotyping these countries? I am not denying that there are terrorists that are Muslim, but there are not as many as you think there are.

Trump is trying to prevent people in these countries that are victims of war crimes from seeking asylum in the United States, which in turn actually hurts our relationship with these six countries. I understand that we need to monitor who we let into this country and some people should not be allowed into the United States, but not everyone in these countries should be punished like this. They are fleeing from a terrible war, and all we're doing is making their situation worse by stereotyping them.

Another reason this travel ban is pointless is because there are already Muslims in the United States that are US citizens. If people think all Muslims are terrorists, then why are these people already here in the United States that are citizens of this country not in prison right now for terror-related crimes? If you can tell me that, then maybe my opinion on this travel ban will change. But until you can explain something like that to me, then my opinion stands. Trump needs to understand not every Muslim is going to cause harm to people.

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