Why Travelling is Worthwhile

In the Summer of 2015 I took a trip with several of my friends and classmates, touring several different cities throughout the beautiful country of Italy. This was my first time being away from home for multiple days and even more so, going outside of the United States. I had wanted to visit Italy ever since I was little and my parents were grateful enough to allow me to go along with my school. The memories and experiences that I gained from this trip far surpass what I thought what would come of it. In addition to coordinated tours, at certain times we were also allowed to venture out into these various cities on our own. It was during these days that I learned more about Italian culture and daily life. I realized that there is so much more to life than the microcosmic world that I was used to living in.

What I also took away from this trip is that there are so many places out there, with unlimited opportunities available. Visiting these unfamiliar places also in part gave me the courage to attend a college that I would dorm at rather than commuting from home. While over a year has passed since the trip, I still have all of the wonderful memories that I made during those 11 days and I will carry them with me for years to come.

For most college students, it is difficult to scrape up the money to travel to lavish places. With a multitude of expenses such as flights and hotels, as well as food, it is almost out of the question. However, for those who can, I believe that travelling is certainly worthwhile, and I intend to explore more cities throughout my college years, and even after I graduate.

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