The Importance Of Waiting To Get A Dog

The Importance Of Waiting To Get A Dog

You wouldn't leave a child home alone for extended amounts of time, why do the same to a dog.


Ever since I first moved into a residence hall last year, I was basically counting down the days until I could get my own apartment junior year. The main reason being, that getting an apartment means getting a dog as the first "welcome home" present to myself. However as my upperclassmen friends started moving outside of dorm life to get apartments, I suddenly realized that getting a dog while still in college is not fair to the dog. And here's why:

Dogs need attention.

To you, your dog is one part of your world. But to your dog, you are his whole world. Dogs need love and awareness just like any other attention-seeking teenager. It's not fair to them if their owners are working long hours or in classes all day. They need numerous ear scratches, cuddles, and someone to throw the tennis ball as far as they can. While a lot of people wouldn't argue with having the option to sleep and do nothing all day, most dogs want to move around and keep busy after a couple hours of snoozing.

They need places to explore.

A college student's not-the-best-quality, a small apartment is not the furry friend's ideal living quarters. Even if the dog is allowed to roam around free during the day when the owner is absent, he needs a house with loads different napping options and places to run around while playing. Pups also need a backyard, giving them a place to run around without being confined by a leash.

Another mouth to feed may put a dent in your already thin wallet.

If you ramen noodles is part of your daily food menu, then a dog is most likely not for you. With a dog comes financial cost, something you may not be able to handle as a college student with a ton of student debt after graduation. The cost of food, toys, shampoo, and veterinary visits (both expected and unexpected) is placed in your hands after you take on the ownership of a dog.

So remember, when you move into your new apartment and feel like a furry companion is missing, opt for a cat or hamster. If that still doesn't cut it, make regular visits to your county animal shelter, they most likely love it when college students stop by and play with the lonely dogs.

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