why to go through sorority recruitment

Have you ever thought about going through sorority recruitment? I had my doubts about it at first, and now I'm so glad I made the choice to go Greek. Here are some reasons why you should consider joining Greek life.

1. It makes the adjustment easier

Getting settled into a new part of life can be hard, but when you are surrounded by your friends it can be so much easier. Going through sorority recruitment not only lets you meet new people, but it also gives you girls who will be your besties for the next four years.

2.  Philanthropy 

Lets be honest here, you don't join a sorority because of the philanthropy, but it is definitely a plus. Not only do you get to go to fun events but you also get to have fun while supporting an amazing cause.

3. The t-shirts

a.You are definitely lying if you say that you don't like t-shirts. When you join a sorority its like you are opened up to a world full of XL comfort colors t-shirts. You will definitely enjoy wearing these bad boys. But, you will soon get annoyed when your classmates keep asking you if you are wearing pants because your t-shirts are so big.

4. Getting involved on campus 

It is definitely hard getting involved on campus, especially if the University you are attending is big. Joining a sorority is a great way to do things on campus for your school and show your school pride. It'll make your college years more enjoyable by being involved on campus with your favorite people.

5. Finding your girl gang

  • Joining a sorority can help you find the best friends you'll ever have. These people could stay in your life forever and may end up being your future bridesmaids. I've met some of the best people through Greek life and I couldn't imagine being without them.

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