Why This Southern Woman Will Not Be Joining The Women's March

Why This Southern Woman Will Not Be Joining The Women's March

Not saying that the women marching are wrong, but I will not support their movement.

Everywhere you look on the news you see this topic: The Women's March in Washington, D.C., as well as many other places across the United States. For those of you that do not know what this is, it is groups of women marching in protest for various rights that they either do not feel they have, or they believe will be taken away as a result of Donald Trump becoming POTUS. These various rights include the equal pay of men and women, Planned Parenthood Funding, and maintaining the legality of abortion.

I will probably get a lot of hate from some of my fellow women for this, but I do NOT agree with nor support the Women's March.

I am not saying that the women that do support this movement are wrong in their beliefs by any means, but I myself do not support these ideas. I do think it is great that women have come as far as they have throughout history, and even surpassed many countries around the world regarding the rights for women. I also am supportive of strong women standing up for what they believe in and fighting for what they believe is right. I am proud of how far we have come, and the many advancements we have made. Our ancestors would be proud.

However, because of my religion, own morals/values, and personal beliefs, I will not take part in nor support this movement. One issue I do not support is the legalization of abortion. I understand that some women do not believe that the government should have the right to say what they can and cannot do with their bodies. However, I believe this is one act that should have been made illegal a long time ago. I was raised in a Southern Baptist Church, and I'm sure some of you are thinking, "Oh goodness, she must be stuck in the 'Old South' ways." Well, I'm not, but I do hold my religion close to my heart. Abortion, to me, is murder; the murder of an innocent child who has not yet been corrupted by the ways of this world; the murder of an innocent child who has not had the opportunities of this world, and never will; a child taken before being born, because of a mistake made by adults.

Now, I know in some cases there are circumstances such as rape, where the mother does not want to prolong the hurt, shame and tragedy caused by the horrific way she was done by a man. Even then, I cannot believe that it's right to kill the child — the innocent child who did not cause that heinous act. I believe God does everything for a reason, and I believe He will make something beautiful out of that tragic event, and that beauty is held in that innocent child. For the cases of women who are careless and just do not use birth control, yet participate in the act, and get pregnant, then decide they just don't want a child? Do not make me go there. Yet again, God will make a beautiful lesson out of your mistake.

As far as getting paid equal to men, that would be nice. However, there are some instances when that just doesn't work. My boyfriend is a welder, and comes home back aching, covered in grease and dust from head to toe, and works more hours in a week that I could imagine. Then again, I have some women I know that are nurses, for instance, and have very stressful jobs that even my tough boyfriend could never handle, and they get paid more than him. God made us different sexes for a reason, more than just reproduction. There are some things that men do better, and some that women do better. If we were intended to be able to do everything the same, God would have made us all the same.

I also cannot support something done so vulgarly. The pictures of women wearing vagina costumes and holding signs explicitly throwing around the "pu**y" word — that is offensive to most women I know, and it is appalling to me. There are classier ways to get your point across, ladies.

So, call me old fashioned, but I am not too much of a modern woman to cook a meal for my significant other, or let him do the "heavy lifting." And the maternal instinct in me, and in us all, will never let me support a decision that would harm a child.

I am never saying that my opinion is right, and I am never saying that anyone else's is wrong. It is just an opinion and I hope whoever reads this either feels as if they aren't alone in their political views, or respectfully agrees to disagree, as I do to some.

Whatever our opinions, we are all women, and we must stick together, and look past our differences to do our best to make this country the best we can make it for the future generations to come.

Cover Image Credit: Liz Lemon / Flickr

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If The FBI Had Done Its Job, 17 People Might Still Be Alive

The FBI was warned about the monster who killed 17 people in an unprovoked act of violence.

After a tragedy like the one that just unfolded at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, it is natural for people to want answers — to want some kind of accountability.

We all think it won’t happen to us, just like I’m sure the kids at Stoneman Douglas didn’t think it wouldn’t happen to them until it does. The thing that sets this shooting apart from the rest is how angry the victims are. They are angry and they want a change. They’re reaping the consequences of adults not doing their jobs.

The shooter should never have been able to buy a gun under current regulations. He had made comments prior to this event about shooting up a school and followed through. The police were called to his residence almost 40 times, he was reported to the FBI. I’m not surprised he followed through. I am surprised the FBI didn’t do anything to prevent it. It’s like the weatherman telling you it’s going to rain and then being surprised when it rains.

I’m starting to lose track of how many times the FBI was warned about something and didn’t do a damn thing about it. They knew something was up before 9/11, before the Boston Bombing, before Pulse, before Las Vegas, police were warned before Sandy Hook, and the FBI admitted it screwed up with the Parkland shooter.

Why are we screaming for more gun control when our own government can’t

A. enforce what laws exist and

B. doesn’t do anything when its warned about potential shooters?

Scooby-Doo could do a better job of investigating potential mass shooters and terrorists than the FBI.

The shooter left a comment on YouTube that said he wanted to be a professional school shooter — UNDER HIS REAL NAME — and the FBI was “unable” to get a subpoena to see who the commenter was, but y'all, shithead didn’t try to conceal his identity. He left the comment under his real name. This would be a no-brainer for Scooby-Doo.

This isn’t the NRA’s fault.

This isn’t a reason to ban the AR-15.

This especially isn’t a reason to ban semi-automatic weapons because most handguns are semi-automatic. All semi-automatic means is a single bullet comes out every time you pull the trigger for as long as the magazine still has bullets in them.

This is a reason to reexamine the FBI.

What are they doing? Are they watching Netflix all day or something? Or does it not matter if the tips and evidence don’t lead to the advancement of a political agenda?

The question we’re all asking now is: how could we have prevented this? What could’ve been done to prevent 17 people from dying at school?

First and foremost, the FBI was at the center of it. If they had investigated and taken this seriously, there’s a good chance 17 people would still be alive today.

Or the kid wouldn’t be able to buy a gun and would’ve used a pressure cooker like the freaks behind the Boston Bombing did. Or he would’ve run a car through a cluster of students. We don’t know.

What we do know for a fact, is that the FBI dropped the ball.

Cover Image Credit: Coconut Creek Police Department , via Wikimedia Commons

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Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Weaponry.

We have a people problem, clearly and those troubled people are utilizing one tool time and time again. Why would we not make it even the slightest bit harder to walk into our schools and mass murder our children?

Social media is filled with children who just witnessed their classmates and teachers get shot in front of them, parents who just lost their children begging for a change to protect them.

One scroll down.

A photo of a gun lying against a wall “Still waiting for my gun to get up and kill someone”

Yep, that’s America. Life, Liberty and the pursuit of weaponry.

I know, I know guns don’t kill people, people kill people.
Why is it that everyone just recites that without realizing that all we are trying to do is get the people who kill people factor away from the gun factor?

Yes, cars kill people. Yes, heart disease kills people. Yes, drugs kill people. Yes, knives kill people. I have passed a test, have a license, registration and insurance on my car as well as a plate that gives my identity attached to the back of it. Millions of dollars are spent in the health care industry to prevent heart disease and other diseases like it. “Ban forks” A person who eats foods that lead to health problems are doing it to themselves and they cannot go into a school and do it to 17 others, and to be fair half of them probably can’t make a living wage in this country to afford better food to begin with. I cannot go to the store and buy Sudafed without showing my ID and with that I can only buy a limited quantity. I have been turned away from prescribed and necessary medications because of controlled substance laws and the next time that someone kills and injures over 900 people from a hotel bedroom, goes through a nightclub and murders over 50 people or puts our country through this repeated torture time and time again with a knife, I will consider sensible knife control too!

Of course, mass shooters don’t become mass shooters without other factors such as a troubled past, bullying, lack of parental guidance, lack of respect, mental illness and a multitude of other things. I am the first person to agree that raising children with respect is a step in the right direction toward creating more a compassionate, empathetic and less hate filled tomorrow. I am also the first person to agree that we need to implement changes to our mental health care system and the social, economic and emotional resources surrounding these troubled individuals, and I truly think these things will lessen the amount of violence our society is enduring. We need accessible and affordable healthcare and lawmakers that support it! However, people are dying right now.

Children are dying right now.

I don’t know about you, but I am not okay with waiting for the next generation of children to somehow be raised in a way to prevent this even if I hope so much that they will. I am not okay with waiting for every troubled person out there who needs help to gain the resources they need when people are dying right now. Getting help for these people is ultimately the solution but clearly there are already people out there who are mentally ill, hate-filled, fallen through the cracks however you want to put it who are going into places and killing our children. Clearly if this is the sole solution we are failing, and I am not okay with waiting for us to succeed. One common denominator that comes after the mental illness, after the troubled past, that is there regardless of the race, is the gun. No, it is not the gun’s fault but if we could stop one person from giving a bad name to responsible gun owners everywhere why wouldn’t we? If a mandatory comprehensive back ground check stopped even one mass shooting isn’t it worth the wait time until you can go to the range? If closing the gun show loop hole stops one of these troubled people with ill intentions from being the person behind that weapon isn’t it worth it? We have a people problem, clearly and those troubled people are utilizing one tool time and time again. Why would we not make it even the slightest bit harder to walk into our schools and mass murder our children?
I am not saying that sensible gun control will stop every one of these tragedies from happening but if we can save as many lives as possible until we fix the people problem why would we not?

I hope that the next time something like this happens there is a “good guy”, someone responsibly armed and skilled enough around to prevent such tragedy and I also believe that responsibly armed person could still be there if sensible gun control were in place but maybe just maybe, they wouldn’t even have cause to draw their weapon. So yes, guns don’t kill people, people kill people and it is the people I want mandatory background checks on, it is the people I want safety courses for, it is the ill-intentioned people using the gun show loophole that I want it closed for and it is the people I want to hold responsible, not the gun. No one that I have seen arguing for gun control wishes to take away a responsible gun owner’s right to defend their family, hunt or shoot for sport we want to keep them from people with much colder intentions, intentions the majority of people, good people don’t even want to imagine possible and if a responsible gun owner is what you are I see no reason to be afraid.

#GunReformNow #PolicyNotPrayer #NotOneMore

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