Why The Warren-Sanders Debate Is A Waste Of Time

"Bernie doesn't believe that a woman can be President!"

"He never said that!"

"That's what he said back in 2018!"

"That's what Warren said!"

"Bernie wouldn't lie!"

"Neither would she!"

"Guys! Seriously, stop yelling at each other!"

I had to step in. Two of my good friends, both passionate about Warren and Sanders were going at it right in front of our college's cafeteria. And people were starting to take notice.

"Guys, I said to stop fighting! You're only attracting attention to yourselves!" I said again.

"Shut up Michael! And people should know that Bernie is a sexist and misogynistic-"

"Anna, don't tell Michael to shut up!"

"Don't you dare try to silence me Ben, I-"

"Guys stop! What are you guys talking about?" I asked. This had gone on for too long, and it was only like 5 minutes.

"Warren accused Bernie of saying that a woman could never be President" Ben said.

"Yeah he did say that, as recently as 2018" Anna said.

"Anna, with his proven track record of Civil Rights, including Womens Rights by the way, I am sure that he did not say that" Ben explained.

"Then why would Warren lie? She literally is doing so well in the race right now?" Anna replied.

"Because she's in 3rd place, right behind, guess who? Bernie! So, she making up this story to try to get more support from the Democratic party. But really, she is dividing the party even more, especially among Progressives" Ben added.

"Ben, Sanders saying that itself is dividing the party" Anna said.

My friend who was wearing a CNN tee-shirt watched in the background as this fight went on, and was crossing his arms.

As I looked to my right, I saw some Republican students, who were laughing at the whole fight that was happening. Some of them even held their phones up too, recording the entire fight, probably sharing it to their social media feeds I bet.

"Guys, stop. Literally if you look to your right, the college Republicans are laughing at you right now".

Anna and Ben looked at each other, and continued to fight. Other students in the cafeteria lost their attention as the argument became longer; some even went to join the Republican table.

"You know what guys, if you want to debate something like this, at least let it be policy", and I walked away.

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