I've never been a skinny girl. I've always had a little extra flab on my tummy and child-bearing hips since I was 15. I judged my body compared to other girls and feared being called fat all through middle school, high school, and even some of college.

I've heard a couple of remarks throughout my life. "Oh the bigger girl over there?" "Oh we call her Big (insert name here)" "You've always had a belly, haven't you? The list goes on and on.

I was always confident enough that I tried to not let it bother me. But something about it did because little did those people know, I worked out five days a week and could probably out-run every single one of them.

They judged the size of my body before they even knew me because I wasn't stick thin like the tall, blonde girl across the bar.

So I judged myself. And that stupid number on the scale. I knew I was in shape. I've ran three half marathons and took care of my body. But those judgmental people and that stupid judgmental scale that sat on the floor of my bedroom outweighed every countless hour I spent in the gym.

When the scale wouldn't move, I would doubt myself, my abilities, my athleticism.

But that number doesn't matter. And it doesn't define you.

I am a strong, athletic girl who works out almost every day. I use to get on the scale and be discouraged.. but why? Honestly, no one cares about that number. And no one has to know what that number is but you (and maybe your doctor).

If you're in a rut and have been finally working out after months of not and you don't see that number going down, don't get discouraged. Let it be motivation to try even harder. Prove yourself wrong and keep going.

Don't just stop exercising. The scale shouldn't make you want to work out. You taking care of your body should make you want to work out.

Because eventually you're going to start feeling so much better about yourself even if that number stays the exact same. You are going to eventually start firming up, you'll sleep better, and your overall happiness will improve. That's what working out does to you.

So that number on the scale doesn't even matter. It is literally just a number. It doesn't make up your character, your personality, or even determine your future.

People can see your confidence, they can't see that number.

So shine bright, smile, and rock that body of yours because no one else is lucky enough to look like you.