Why The Friend Who Came Into Your Life The Quickest, Last The Longest

Why The Friend Who Came Into Your Life The Quickest, Last The Longest

Why The Simplest Friendships Last a Lifetime

Friendships are complicated. They come in all kinds of different forms and happen for different reasons. I am a firm believer that everyone comes into your life for a reason. Some come suddenly and ditch, some take time form, and some come suddenly and you feel like you’ve known them your entire life. No awkward stage, no feeling annoying for hitting them up daily or asking them when they can hang out, never feeling uncomfortable about your conversations, never feeling like a nuisance.

I am so grateful for these friends for being so upfront and inviting. They were so confident in themselves and friendly, which is super respectable. It was so easy to talk to them about anything at any time. I’m am so grateful for all the memories we share and will share in the future.

1. They’re Confident In Themselves

They say whatever your friends are, you eventually become. Who wouldn’t want to rub off of a little confidence? For someone to be so approachable right off the bat, they have to be confident. They have to be able to feel comfortable approaching those they don’t know very well, which also makes them appear very inviting.

2. They Are Very Inviting

Obviously, to feel that they are very approachable means that they are inviting, aka they’re friendly and respectful.

3. You “Just Click”

To “just click” clearly there has to be a reason. Either you guys are basically the same person or just simply get along really well, which is great.

4. No Awkward Conversations

It’s super easy to talk to them about anything. Nothing seems to be off the table and no one feels uncomfortable. A friendship isn’t a friendship until you see what’s beyond their walls.

5. You Don’t Feel Like A Nuisance

You can text them/SnapChat them daily and it just feels normal. You can ask them to hang out whenever, even if it’s just to go on a coffee run. Feeling like a bother is one of the worst feelings in any relationship, so to skip over that is such a relief.

6. Y’all Form The Best Memories

From the very beginning, you guys were able to experience fun little adventures with plenty of stories and inside jokes. A memory holds a bond, and a bond is the element that causes you to care about someone, and then you’re stuck. Not always a bad thing, though, because it always means more memories are open to form.

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What It's Really Like To Be An Only Child

"We are so amazing our parents only needed one."

Spoiled. Mature. Lonely. Lucky. Stubborn. Entitled. Selfish. Independent. Immature.

They may all seem like contradictory statements, and in some ways, they most definitely are. And yet, they are all words that people have used at some point to describe me, simply because I am an only child.

It doesn't matter my family life, my personality, or my accomplishments. For some odd reason, we all seem to have some pre-conceived notion about those only-children. When someone finds out I am an only child, the most common reaction is getting is "Oh, that makes so much sense." Apparently, being an only child creates a specific persona. But in reality, if you haven't lived it, you will just never know. While some of the ideas may be very true, we only-children didn't choose this life. So stop judging us before you've gotten to know us.

There's not a whole lot I can really say to describe to someone what it's like to be an only child. Yes, it's true that I get all of the attention. After all, who else would it go to? But, that doesn't mean that I always like being the center of attention. I'm a natural born performer, so I certainly like my fair share of center-stage. But I too like my alone time, hidden silently in the corner.

I grew up spending a lot of time alone, so I most definitely have the ability to be independent. I do better with older people than people my own age, simply because that's who I grew up around. I spent a significant amount of time with my parents and family. Of course, I had friends my own age, but it still gives me a sense of security to have someone older there to protect me.

Before you ask, no, I don't always get my way. My parents were still in charge, I still had to share with friends. Of course, I was always the one to pick what game we played or movie we watched, but I didn't own the entire Barbie collection. Being an only child doesn't make me entitled, it just makes me who I am. I was always the youngest, so of course, I was treated as such.

Yet, I like to think that I am anything but selfish. I love volunteering and I love helping others. It's just who I am, it's in my blood. Sure I grew up as an only child, but my family really embodied the spirit of giving.

When I was little I used to whine, saying "I'm a lonely child." But in reality, I actually couldn't imagine growing up with siblings. Now, I have over 200 sorority sisters and I couldn't be blessed with anything better, I get the best of both worlds. I have girls who truly act like my siblings. We fight, we love, and I know we truly live for each other.

So yes, I may be spoiled. I am mature, and yet in some ways, still very immature. My role models have changed my life, and I now live the best of both worlds. I am independent, I am lucky. But not because I am an only child, simply because that's who I am.

Cover Image Credit: Joel Glaser

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10 Signs You Have High 'Fun Uncle' Potential

Honestly, not everyone is cut out to be a father.

I was introduced to the saying you have "Fun Uncle" potential recently. Apparently, it's the nice way of saying I probably would be the best father. Yet, here I am totally embracing my "Fun Uncle" potential. Here is a list of qualities which I think will help you figure out if you too are on the right track of being a fun uncle.

1. Habit of Tossing Kids for Fun

Honestly, I don't know what's wrong with tossing kids in the air they really love it.

2. Have Mini Me Thoughts

I feel as though fathers probably think more of their children than just reincarnates of themselves.

3. Expect a Limited Amount of Time

If you find yourself looking forward to the end of your time with a kid, probably shouldn't have one anytime soon

4. Never Really Changed a Diaper

I just kinda find the closest person with this particular skill set.

5. Talk to Kids Like an Adult

The baby talk thing is degrading for me and I believe for the baby also

6. Carry a Baby More Like a football

Apparently, there is a proper way to hold a child. I 100% sure it isn't the way I hold them.

7. Television Babysitting

Honestly, best life hack ever is to put Nick Jr on and not have to do anything else.

8. Unable to Say No

I feel as though if a child has the audacity to ask to have ice cream for dinner who am I to say no?

9. Television Learning

This is different from television babysitting, because instead of Nick Jr they would be watching PBS kids.

10. Buyer's Remorse

There is always that moment when you question why you even wanted your own child in the first place.

There you have it. If you guilty of any of these 10 childcare "sins" you probably lean more towards fun uncle than father. Maybe it is the lack of maturity or... nope, it is definitely the lack of maturity.

Cover Image Credit: tornatore / Flickr

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