I love rosé. I love the sound of pouring it into a wine glass in the evenings to unwind from the day.

I love lighting my candles after a steamy shower, closing my curtains, and pulling back the covers of my fresh sheets. I enjoy sitting on my bed in a towel, and rubbing lotion on my legs before putting on pajamas. This has become a routine that I try to incorporate in my life on a nightly basis, because I have learned to love myself, and I have learned that this is how I can take care of myself.

Since coming to college, I have learned what it is like to be busy. I know, you are probably sitting on the other side of your computer reading this and saying to yourself, "Everyone knows what it is like to be busy," and you would be right. I love to keep myself busy. I also love to do things for other people which is what keeps me busy a lot of the time. But sometimes, it has gotten so extreme to the point where I don't get back to my dorm until 10:00 at night, without a single break in the day, and I just collapse.

In the past, I've written articles about how to take care of yourself when you're sick in college- this is important too. I hope by keeping myself mentally healthy by implementing my night routine and taking this time for myself, that it also helps me to get sick less often, in addition to regularly working out, eating well, and washing my hands frequently.

In college, as much as I have learned to love other people, I have also learned to love myself. It may sound silly, but I take time to look at myself in the mirror every day. I tell myself, "I look good." I smile at myself, make myself laugh with funny faces, and take time to really reflect on my days as part of my nightly routine.

I believe that it is important to take time for yourself. I know that this is hard, especially as I go from classes to club meetings to work every day, but then I remember that I love who I am, and I close my eyes, and go back to the happy place of my calm room with my glass of rosé, reflect on my day, and think to myself, "Yes, this is all worth it." And this is how I have learned to love myself. This, I believe, is also how other people have started to love me more. They see a confidence in me that- by instilling a night routine- they didn't see before.