The state of Louisiana has recently passed a bill stating that any act of violence against policemen, firemen, or emergency responders will be considered a hate crime and any message encouraging violence on any of these parties will not be tolerated. This bill is entitled the "Blue Lives Matter" bill and here is why I am in full support of it...

Racism exists in this world. No one is doubting that. However, the men and women who pledge to protect us are being oppressed because of 2 things: 1. A few bad apples and 2. The color of their skin.

At the recent Donald Trump rally in my town, the fire marshall had to be called because of how many people were crowding into the stadium. Once the building had reached capacity, people were getting turned away. Unfortunately, I did not get to go to the rally for this reason. Right before I was told to leave the rally due to the amount of people, several middle-aged, black men in front of me were also told to leave by the fire marshall. After they were told to leave, the first words that came out of their mouths were "that's racist." They made a huge fuss and started yelling "black lives matter" until they realized that I, a skinny little white girl, was also told to leave. Instances such as this one are happening all over the nation. Unfortunately, most of these incidents are not as peaceful as the one I experienced.

According to the Black Lives Matter campaign, since a few cops were being discriminatory, all white cops must be racist. Is this not the definition of racism? There is no such thing as "reverse racism," its just racism. Categorizing all white, male policemen as racist IS racist. It is the same thing as saying that all black cops are jerks. Neither of these statements are true and neither of them should be tolerated. This is why the Blue Lives Matter bill is so important. Police officers have pledged their lives to protect us and even die for us. They pledged to protect ALL citizens, not just black or white. The fact that society has come to a point where we are calling these brave men and women racist makes me rage. If you are one of the people who claims that white cops are racist, you are no better than the men and women who didn't want black and white children to go to school together. Dr. Martin Luther King worked to hard to have it all thrown away by a movement that encourages racism and violence. I am here to tell you that from a police officer's perspective, all lives matter. Black lives matter, Hispanic lives matter, Asian lives matter, white lives matter, ect... the list goes on and on. This is what the Blue Lives Matter movement is all about and this is why I support it. Have some respect for the people that put their lives on the line for you on a daily basis.