Why Social Media Is A Curse

Why Social Media Is A Curse

It's completely killing our physical interactions with people.


We live in a society where "favoriting" a tweet is considered flirting, as is"liking" someone's picture on Instagram.

The dreaded question of “You got a kik?” makes me want to physically throw up.

Why? Why are we like this now? Technology has taken over our generation and quite frankly, it’s embarrassing. I don’t want to introduce my husband to people as someone I met on some messenger app.

Confrontation is a scary thing. Not just in the instance of asking someone out but in all situations. The idea of walking up to someone and telling them how you feel is terrifying to just about everyone. We’re not all fearless and that’s okay because it’s really the effort that counts.

Now I’m not saying I’ve never done this, because in a majority of relationships nowadays, a text is the sole form of communication.

When did having an actual conversation with someone in person, or over the phone become so unbearable? Why does the thought of having to actually get to know someone scare us? Because when we’re on our phones we don’t have to worry about the face of embarrassment when something goes wrong.

It’s become a goal of mine to not rely solely on social media. I don’t want to be someone who’s on their phone 24/7 and I think that I’ve become that person because everyone I know is like that.

Our entire lives are being broadcasted on social media, there’s no privacy anymore and that shouldn’t make anyone happy. We need to change because someone’s social media can ruin them, colleges look at stuff like that and I don’t want to be someone who regrets what they’ve put on the internet.

It’s become expectations of others to see the pictures from a party you went to last night and it doesn’t have to be that way. We don’t have to post EVERYTHING we do on social media.

Social media has had such a huge impact on society, there was a time when people didn't have iPhones and that's a scary idea. The fact that social media has literally shaped the world into the way it is today and the way people rely so much on technology is insane.

The constant comparison of you and the girl who's Instagram famous needs to stop, people show you want they want you to see. You don't see all their obstacles or the struggles they've been through in life, so don't think you're better or worse than someone you see on the internet, it's not an accurate depiction.

The moral is: Stop wasting your time trying to convince everyone you have a life and go convince yourself.

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