Puerto Rico is still in disarray to start October. The country has been getting help in recent days. The supply chain’s backlog is starting to ease, and Sonnen is working to install microgrids in the country to help power a minimum of 15 relief centers.

But the country will need your help more than ever before this week.


The week’s focus has now switched to another tragedy: the Las Vegas massacre. A shooter opened fire in Las Vegas on Sunday night killing at least 58 people and injuring over 500 people. It’s a major event that deserves the world’s attention.

The problem is that when one tragedy hits, the tragedy of the day before starts to become less newsworthy.

I expect media outlets to focus on the story that is sure to bring them more money and attention.

And Puerto Rico will fall to the wayside. It’s expected to take months before the country is able to restore their power. This doesn’t even include all of the supplies and medical needs that the country is suffering from at this very moment.

You can even see that companies are trying to take advantage of the devastation that Puerto Rico is experiencing.

Hedge Funds have been found trying to profit from Puerto Rico, too. The country has rejected an offer by bondholder groups that wanted to profit from the country’s devastation. The original response was to provide $150 million in debt relief with higher interest rates and an increased value. The terms that were made had worse terms than an offer made in April.

“Such offers only distract from the government’s stated focus and create the unfortunate appearance that such offers are being made for the purpose of favorably impacting the trading price of existing debt,” states the Fiscal Agency and Financial Advisory Authority

Small businesses can take out loans, homeowners on the other hand will have a much harder time restoring their lives.

What can you do to help?

A lot.

Donations are a good start, and these donations can go to several organizations, but the few that I personally recommend are:

  • GlobalGiving is raising money to help after Hurricane Maria. The fund had already accumulated $3.6 million with the goal of raising $5 million. The fund will provide reports on how all of the funds have been used.
  • UNICEF is also taking donations with 90% of every dollar helping children. The organization is taking $28 donations which will provide basic, essential kits to those in need. These kits will include water purification tablets as well as other essentials.
  • United for Puerto Rico was created by the First Lady of the country and will provide aid and relief to areas that have been impacted the most. Private sector sponsors have joined the movement to help restore the ravaged country.
  • Red Cross states that $0.91 of every dollar that they spend will go to help people impacted by Hurricane Maria.

Your contributions and donations can make a big difference. With the spotlight on the shooting in Las Vegas, your donation will be greatly appreciated.