With the new year upon us, I find myself thinking the same thing I think every single year. New Year’s resolutions are kind of pointless. I’m all for bettering yourself and making changes to incorporate a healthier and happier lifestyle, but don’t wait until the new year to go ahead and do that. You don’t need a time frame to make better choices for yourself.

The worst part about the concept of a New Year’s resolution is definitely how some people use the end of the year as a justification for bad behavior. If your resolution is to eat healthier in the new year, there’s no need to spend the entire month of December stuffing yourself silly with junk food.

The resolution will probably only last a week or two anyway, so there’s no reason to go wild because you think you can.

I also don’t love the idea that there’s something wrong with you every single year, therefore, something must be changed. Obviously, we all have room for improvement at all times, but I don’t like finishing my year wondering what can be better next year. I like to reminisce and remember the good parts of my year because I want to end on a positive note.

While 2017 has truly been one of the worst years for literally everyone, there were definitely some personal highlights of mine, and that’s how I plan on remembering this year.

Everyone has their own personal opinions about resolutions, and if they truly work for you, then by all means, go for it. Do whatever you need to do to make 2018 your year. If resolutions will help you thrive, then I’m not going to hold you back. Just remember that you do not need to ring in a new year to create the best version of yourself.