I know what you're thinking. Yet another Kardashian fan wasting her time talking those the Kartrashians. I mean, the Kardashians.

But, yes, if you know me you know that I love the Kardashians and that I am completely kidding, as hard as they are to keep up with sometimes. However this week it is unfortunately very easy (or in some ways hard) to keep up with how the Kardashians are doing. As Khloé prepares for the birth of her first child, news of Tristan Thompson, her boyfriend and the father of her baby, cheating has surfaced.

In a devastating TMZ video it is clear that Tristan cheated on Khloé in New York City while she was home in Cleveland. Pregnant. With. His. Baby.

Over the past couple months, Khloé has continuously gushed on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, social media, and talk shows about her love with Tristan and the baby girl they are expecting together. Although you may be thinking that this is yet again another reality star's drama in the spotlight, this time it is different.

Here is why my heart is broken for Khloé.

First, any avid viewer of KUWTK knows that Khloé has dreamed of being a mom forever. Although she was married first out of all of her sisters and one of the first to attempt to have children, she has never been blessed with a pregnancy. Numerous episodes have covered her journey towards fertility and pregnancy and even the struggle she's had to experience watching all but one of her sister's have babies.

Second, it is common knowledge the struggle and pain Khloé endured in her past marriage and hard divorce. She has dealt with infidelity before, also with a man she had fallen head over heels for. As a fan who remembers the days of "Lammy" and the relationship between these two it is still sad to think of their divorce and the hardship Khloé experienced then.

Third, she has to go through this not only in the final days of her pregnancy, but also in the spotlight. I know what you're thinking: She's a reality star so she signed on to deal with her issues in the spotlight. Well, news flash, nobody signs up to have their heartbreak broadcast across the globe. And NO woman deserves to be dealing with their last days of pregnancy with a broken heart.

I cannot even imagine how Khloé is feeling right now. The pain she has endured in the past is known by millions of people, but so is her road to recovery. And sadly, Tristan was part of this road.

It breaks my heart that just as she was so close to the dream she's always wanted, she is hurt even worse than before.

Although my heart is broken for Khloé, I know that the three reasons I feel for her are the exact reasons she will make it through.

First, she has wanted this baby forever. This heartbreak will not ruin the love she has for her daughter as soon as she is born. She is destined to become an amazing mom and will do so, with or without Tristan.

Second, the pain that Khloé has endured has made her stronger and smarter. She will never again let someone ruin her like Lamar (or so I hope and believe).

Third, the world is filled with devout Kardashian fans. All of whom who will support Khloé through her journey towards getting better in the coming months.

Although it is impossible for me to articulate or understand Khloé's feelings, I can only imagine what she is going through. Regardless of what she chooses to do, I support her choice and will continue to follow her down her path.

And now we wait for a comment from one of the Kardashians. But more importantly, we await the birth of the next beautiful Kardashian baby who will make Khloé a mom, finally.