I had a bad day yesterday. Nothing, in particular happened, I just woke up in a weird mood that just never went away. I like to think that this happens to everyone, not just me. I tried to be in higher spirits throughout the day, but eventually, I just gave in, hoping tomorrow would be better.

Well I can honestly say tomorrow is better. I woke up thinking of what I could possibly do to ensure myself a quality last day of summer. My conclusion? Me time.

I got out of bed and I brewed myself a cup of coffee. I made myself breakfast and ate it outside on the porch, listening to my favorite Spotify playlist. I went for a run for as long as I felt like. I didn’t bother looking at the clock. I went home and threw a bath bomb in the tub and laid there for a while. I did my hair in my favorite curls, threw on my favorite lipstick, a chunky necklace and my favorite dress. I drove down the highway with the windows down and blasted "Sweet Disposition" by the Temper Trap. I smiled at strangers that laughed at my obnoxious car singing. I got my favorite iced coffee, found a bench in the sun and read a book. I pet every dog that walked by and they enjoyed it just as much as I did. I caught a tan and a moment of relaxation. I didn’t think about any of the things I was so worried about twenty-four hours ago. I let myself take a day off from it. Then I met up with my boyfriend and good friend, got $1 tacos and a few beers. We laughed really hard and told stories we’ve probably told a million times and we enjoyed every minute of it, and that moment of relaxation was elongated for a little bit.

It. Was. Awesome. I felt like a new (less pissed off) person. Who would’ve thought? I wanted a quality last day of summer, and I most certainly received one all thanks to good ol’ me time. Now, I must reluctantly dive back into exams, assignments and maybe a little too much stress but at least this time around I know that it is pretty damn easy to take a few hours, or even a few minutes out of my day to just be me, forget all of my worries and just enjoy it all.

So if you’re going to take anything from this little post of mine let it be, take a few minutes to eat what you want, listen to what you want, be where you want while doing what you want. Take a few minutes to remember how lucky you are to have yourself. If not, just do me a favor and take a few minutes today and do whatever the hell you want. You’ll thank me for it later.