Why Love Your Melon?

Why Love Your Melon?

Kicking pediatric cancers butt one beanie at a time

Being apart of this amazing organization just makes me want to tell the world about how fantastic it is. Love Your Melon is an organization that helps in the fight of ending pediatric cancer. It can be a scary time, always being at the hospital, not feeling like a kid should with lots of energy, and not knowing what the next day is going to bring. Love Your Melon is there to help those kiddos have a little bit brighter day by providing them with beanies to keep their melon warm.

LYM is proudly made in the U.S. and is sold online at loveyourmelon.com. On their website, they have everything from:


Pom Beanies



and more...

The great thing about LYM is they will put a beanie on a pediatric cancer patient when you buy a beanie. And half of the purchases go to other organization that helps with research to help kick pediatric cancers butt.

Many campuses across the country have LYM teams to help spread the word about the organization and bring awareness to pediatric cancer. So it's okay if you don't get involved with an LYM team, just hop on the website and pick a few things out you like, it's for the kids.

So why wouldn't you Love Your Melon?

Cover Image Credit: Missouri State Love Your Melon Campus Crew

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The 17 Best Unpopular Opinions From The Minds Of Millennials

Yes, dogs should be allowed in more places and kids in less.

There are those opinions that are almost fact because everyone agrees with them. Waking up early is horrible. Music is life. Sleep is wonderful. These are all facts of life.

But then there are those opinions that hardly anyone agrees with. These ones -- from Twitter, Pinterest and Reddit -- are those types of opinions that are better left unsaid. Some of these are funny. Some are thought-provoking. All of them are the 17 best unpopular opinions around.

1. My favorite pizza is Hawaiian pizza.

2. Binge watching television is not fun and actually difficult to do.

3. I love puns... Dad jokes FTW.

4. Milk in the cup first... THEN the bloody tea.

5. I wish dogs were allowed more places and kids were allowed fewer places.

6. "Space Jam" was a sh*t movie.

7. Saying "money cannot buy happiness" is just wrong.

8. People keep saying light is the most important thing in photographing. I honestly think the camera is more important.

9. Bacon is extremely overrated.

10. Literally, anything is better than going to the gym.

11. Alternative pets are for weird people.

12. Google doodles are annoying.

13. It is okay to not have an opinion on something.

14. It's weird when grown adults are obsessed with Disney.

15. This is how to eat a Kit Kat bar.

16. Mind your own business.

17. There is such a thing as an ugly baby.

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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An Open Letter To The Person Who Opened My Eyes, And Stole My Heart

Everybody has a person.


Everybody has a person, you may not have one yet, or they might already be gone but everybody has a person that changes their life in irreversible ways. Some people have more than one, some people don't need more than one and some people take a long time to find one but when they do, a piece of their heart will forever be stolen by that person.

To my person, thank you.

Thank you for helping me see myself for who I really am, instead of who I thought I was.

Before I met you, I had this version of myself made up in my mind. That version was made up of all my insecurities, my doubts, and the problems I had with myself. It was the reason I constantly tried to hide myself because if all of me was hidden, nobody would pay attention to the parts of me I didn't like.

It was the reason I stayed quiet because I feared speaking up and looking like an idiot. That version in my head was the reason I never smiled all the way, because my teeth were crooked, didn't like wearing my hair up because it showed off my ears (which I thought were too big), and didn't like wearing shorts because my legs looked "fat" when I sat down.

Until you, I didn't see past those things. I didn't understand that people should pay attention to me because insecurities or not, I mattered. I didn't understand that my thoughts and opinions were just as important as somebody else's, so I shouldn't have to stay quiet. I didn't see that literally nobody else noticed (or cared about) all the issues I had with the way I looked except me. It wasn't that you were the one who made me see those things, its that you pushed me to see that I could.

You reminded me that the problems I had with myself were only obvious to me because I fixated on them. You reminded me that I had amazing qualities too, not just bad ones. You made sure I knew that you thought I was intelligent and important, and beautiful, not just in appearance but in personality and in my mind too.

I knew that I had these incredible traits, but when so many bad things weigh down on your mind, they bury all that good stuff until its blurred and forgotten. You helped me learn to take the things I love about myself and the things I don't and make them into something productive and positive.

Thank you for pushing me outside of my comfort zones and toward my goals.

The person you met that first day was shy, quiet, and extremely introverted. I can still be all of those things but you've helped me to push myself past what I'm comfortable with and experience things I would never have gotten the chance to experience had I stayed in the comforts of my box.

You encourage me to try something new every day and it makes my life the greatest adventure. Without somebody to show me the ropes, I never would've left what I knew. I would've stayed where things were familiar and I never would've been able to grow so wholly as a person. You taught me to jump in feet first and hit the ground running and I haven't stopped since I started.

I've always known where I wanted to go, I was just too scared of the unknown to go all in. You helped me discover the confidence I had in myself that I needed to start setting my dreams in motion. You let me find what I wanted and were right there if I needed somebody to lean on every step of the way. There really aren't enough words to thank you for that.

Thank you for helping me overcome so many fears and insecurities, and being there to help me sort out the rest.

When we met, I was afraid of a lot of things, I was even a little afraid of you but instead of taking advantage of those things, you helped me work on those fears and you helped me move past them. You've become a safe place for me, a place where insecurities don't matter and there isn't anything to be scared of and I can only hope you've found in me too.

Thank you for encouraging me to pursue things that I want instead of things that are expected of me.

I was always the type of person that did what was expected of me before I even thought about what I wanted for myself. Eventually, some of those expectations from others became my own expectations for myself, but I hadn't really thought about pursuing a career that I wanted instead of something that was traditionally reliable and expected, until you. You opened my eyes to the many possibilities of potential careers that I could pursue. You helped me understand that doing what I was expected to do instead of what I wanted to do wouldn't leave me feeling anything but stuck. Thank you for that.

Thank you for being there.

Thank you for walking into my life at the exact moment that you did. There is no way I would be the person I am today without you in my life. Thank you for staying after that first day. I didn't know it then, but you became a permanent fixture in my everyday from then on out. I wasn't expecting it and it kinda blindsided me but I can't thing of a single other event that has changed me in such a way.

Thank you for growing with me instead of trying to preserve the same person you met in the beginning. A lot of relationships fall apart because people chance and sometimes their partner can't understand it. Especially meeting when we did, we still had (and have) and insane amount of growing to do but you didn't let that get in our way. We grew (and are growing) separately and together and we've found a way to adjust every step of the way. Thank you for understanding that people change and choosing to change with me.

Thank you for being there through every second of every day. Thank you for being right where I need you to and giving me all the space I need to work through things but also letting me know you're there for when I need you. Every bump in the road, I've had you to lean on and every perfect moment, I've had the perfect person to spend it with. Thank you for being that perfect person.

Thank you for staying positive when I simply cannot and pushing me through the frustrations.

Your ability to stay positive in even the worst situations will never cease to amaze me. It will also never not be something I'm thankful for. I'm easily (and frequently) frustrated and you are one of the only people that is able to talk me down in less than 10 minutes. I hope that someday you teach me your wizardous ways but for now, thank you for keeping my head in a positive place as best as you can, and for making me see reason when all I want to see is red.

Thank you for all your support and patience.

You're my number one fan, you're one of my biggest supporters and there hasn't been a single time that you haven't had my back. The sheer amount of confidence that knowing I always have your support gives me is unreal. We're a hell of a team, you and me. I wouldn't want anybody else by my side to do life with.

The amount of patience it's taken for you to understand the way my head works is crazy to me. I know I'm extremely particular and kinda picky and I honestly don't know how you took on such a daunting task so willingly. But I'm really glad you did. I love you for your spontaneous spirit, but I love you more for the unending amount of patience you have for things (especially me and my weird antics).

Thank you for really listening to me, and taking me seriously.

Relationships don't work without communication, and a huge part of communication is actually actively listening to your partner, so thank you for listening to me. Thank you for asking me questions and actually caring about my answer. Thank you for listening when I speak and making me feel important.

I appreciate you and I appreciate the concentrated look that comes over your face when I'm talking about something even if it's not important. Thank you for valuing my opinion and taking the time to understand my point of view. Thank you for treating me the way I should be treated and putting in the effort it really takes to make things work the way we do.

Thank you for helping me find my place in the world.

Thank you for showing me that my place can be wherever I want it to be and letting me figure out that I want it to be right next to you.

Thank you for showing me what it means to be happy.

I knew happy before I met you, but the joy that you've brought into my life is something I would have missed for the rest of my life. You've shown me a freedom to just be and it's one of the most amazing feelings I've ever felt.

Thank you for being you.

Thank you for being the same person who stole my heart but also so much more. Thank you for having such a kind heart and such a beautiful soul. You're one of the most wholly giving person I've ever had the opportunity to meet and I am truly honored that you picked me to be your person.

You're the most genuinely caring person I've ever met and I love that you haven't let a world full of darkness stomp out the light you seem to spread. Anybody who meets you is lucky to have met you and I am extremely grateful to be one of the lucky ones.

Thank you for being my person.

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