10 Reasons I Love Being A Michigan Wolverine

I may be a freshman but my month at college has definitely been the best month of my life. It's because I go to the greatest school on earth, University of Michigan! Becoming a wolverine has the best decision of my life and here's why:

1. School spirit is REEAAAALLL!

Everywhere you go on campus, all you see is people sporting their Michigan gear. Oh, and wait until you go to a football game... the amount of school spirit is simply immeasurable.

2. Great academics with great professors!

Professors here actually care about you and your well-being so you're bound to have great classes as well! You actually look forward to going to school... weird right?!

3. Anywhere you go, you're bound to meet a WOLVERINE!

Michigan's alumni network is HUUUUGGEE!! So it's no surprise that you'll probably bump into alumni at the airport!

4. One of the BEST (*cough* the best *cough*) football teams in the nation!

Whether you're into sports or not, you can't deny that you love bragging about how you go to a school with one of the best football teams in the nation! Especially when it calls for the most exciting gameday traditions...

5. You have UNLIMITED meal swipes!

That's right... you heard me! No matter what meal plan you purchase, you can go into the dining hall as many times a day as you'd like!

6. Michigan has the BEST. FOOD. EVER.

Speaking of the dining hall, Michigan has some of the best food out there! Michigan's chefs have all been professionally certified from their training at the top culinary schools across the world. So no matter your dietary restrictions, you're bound to have a feast... and possibly gain the freshman 15.

7. A BEAUTIFUL campus!

Going to class is literally a stroll through the park! With grasses of green everywhere and beautiful scenery all around, you'll literally feel like you're living in a fairytale.

8. The school is located in ANN ARBOR!

If you haven't heard by now, Ann Arbor is literally the greatest city of them all with the absolute BEST food spots. If you ever go to Ann Arbor, you've got to try the feta bread at Pizza House!

9. You'll never be bored!

There is literally always something happening on campus so you'll be occupied with tons of activities, clubs and nightly events!

10. Michigan has the BEST school song!

It's catchy and it has a great melody... what's not to like?

So... come through to MICHIGAN, become a WOLVERINE, and have the best experience of your life!!

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