When it comes to movies and books, there are a few things I can't stand. There are some things that ruin the whole experience. See, what I want out of a movie or novel is an escape from reality, not another dose of it. I like being able to forget about my problems and the problems of the people around me. I want a happy ending, something that is nice and neat, tied up with a bow, gift-wrapped to perfection. Every once in a while I am more lenient toward these types of work, but more often than not I want to know that everything worked out one way or another. This being said, these next things are far from a present under the tree in my book.

One of these things is a cliff hanger. I`m not talking about the endings where there is a little "wink" at the end pretty much giving the rest of the story without saying it, they can be okay sometimes, for instance when they are the first installment to a series or if there is another one coming, or at the end of a chapter, but other times, I don't see the point. Sure there is suspense, but what good is that if nothing comes of it? It just stops? It would be like having this paragraph just end and not wrap up or anything, and if this sentence didn't exist, or the paragraph wasn't here, there wouldn't be a way sure you could figure out what I was trying to get at. You would be all confused when I start talking about other things.

Sad endings. Really this is self explanatory but I`ll talk about it anyway. I think enough people are sad, and that movies and books are supposed to be a way for people to forget about the world. With sad movies, it is really hard to escape the difficulties of your own life. You may know someone who is going through an emotional time, who has lost a loved one, or may have lost one yourself. Why would you want to cause yourself to have double the pain? Stories with plots that make you emotional are great, but I don`t understand the appeal there is to watching a movie where the result makes you feel like you were hit by a bus.

Unresolved issues upon reaching the conclusion. Sometimes a piece or film just stops when it gets to another exciting part and then there isn`t anything that comes next. There are things I wish to know, however. What happened to Aunt Pearl? Did she ever end up making it to her friends house? Did the best friend of the main character get the guy of her dreams that she was chasing after? Or better yet, where was the subplot where they actually met and were able to start this love affair? The world may never know. Well, it's not a "may never" it's a "won't ever" because the movie ended and there is nothing after that.

Happy isn`t a feeling that everyone experiences all the time. It may be a fleeting moment that brightens your day or it could be a feeling that sticks around for a week and then disappears. I know that it is an interchangeable term using words such as joy, delight, content, or bliss in it`s place. The fact is, everyone wants some sort of happy in their life, whatever they choose to call it. It amazes me that people will choose to watch something that will only trigger emotions such as frustration, confusion, and annoyance over a book or movie that can make you forget about the troubles that plague you in the real world, but people do crazy things.