I've only been a registered voter for three years, and I remember that I was so excited to walk up to the ballot box and vote for the current president, Donald Trump. America is such a unique nation and all of us are lucky to live in such a place where we get to choose our leaders, rather than having someone that takes over or having the same bloodline rule for hundreds of years. Plus we have the freedom to say what we want, when we want, and not have to worry about going to jail — the freedom of speech and of the press.

However, in the past decade as my eyes have slowly been opened to what was going on with either side and what side stands for which values. I have come to the conclusion that the left really has more freedom of speech than the right. We are all Americans so why wouldn't that apply to both groups, equally?

Well according to the left, they think otherwise.

Now, I am just generally speaking here, I'm not singling anyone out specifically. I have friends on all sorts of political spectrums and that's fine with me. In all honesty, I don't even really think about it that much and when we can have civil conversations about that kind of stuff, I love it.

Who I am talking about are those who would key Donald Jr.'s Bentley just because he's a Trump. Or those who point fingers and call you a "racist," "homophobe," or "Nazi" just because of who you vote for. Now, I've stepped away from opinionated writing for a while, but I feel like with the events of the impeachment inquiry into President Trump — which is a load of BS if you ask me, and we had to deal with Obama for eight years, y'all can chill and deal with Trump — I feel like I should maybe give it a shot again.

President Trump will not be impeached. The amount of successes that the man has had in office in NOT EVEN four years is outstanding. According to a Breitbart Impeachment Poll, 97.83% said that they stand with President Trump. Take that, libs.

While writing this, I was also hesitant that this topic was even a good idea. The amount of hate I got from expressing my opinions before was insane, and way more than I had thought. From getting that to death threats, and discrimination to potential job opportunities just because of my name and political affiliation, I wanted to put it on pause.

Now, slowly stepping back into that light, I hope this time around will be better. But the fact that I was SCARED to express my opinions in a FREE SPEECH world is insane. I'd love to put Trump campaign pins on my backpack, a sticker on my car, or even wear a Trump hat, but I am SCARED — scared because I know I will be discriminated against. I wouldn't be surprised if someone stole my laptop from my backpack, or keyed my car, or spat at me on campus (again) because I wore a Trump hat walking to class.

As we all already know, we are living in a time where the nation is more divided than ever. Can't we just not vandalize or do anything to hurt people who oppose your views? Is having a Trump hat doing any harm to anyone, like yourself, friends, or family? No. Just let us have the same amount of free speech as the left.

We are tired of holding our tongues and keeping our mouths shut because we know the left will bully us for our opinions.