Why It's Totally OK To Make Changes

Sometimes, we find that we’ve lost ourselves. What once made us happy doesn’t have the same effect and we essentially do not know ourselves anymore. Or we find that we have made some choices that are not leading us on the path we want. Either way, coming to this conclusion means that it is time to make a change and, for most people, that is a scary concept.

Change is good. Change is healthy. Sometimes, change is necessary. Making a change doesn’t mean going out and chopping off all your hair or buying a new wardrobe. First, you have to identify what in your life is not fulfilling you and take steps toward changing it.

For me, it was my college major.

Once I identified this, I made the necessary changes to do what it was I wanted. At first it was scary and I considered sticking out what I initially intended to study. I realized, however, that this was not what I wanted and I will continue to be miserable if I did not take action.

One thing you must always remember, it gets harder before it gets easier.

Changing your old ways or what was once “normal” can cause problems within your routines, relationships, and other aspects of your life. You have to stick out this tough time, however, because the end result will outweigh the fear you are having of this change. It will make you a stronger person, too.

Life really is too short to live in fear of new things. Do not stick with old habits, people, places, or ideas just because it is all you know. What once worked for you may not anymore, and that is okay. What once made you happy may not anymore, and that is okay too.

Do not be afraid to explore outside of what you know. Meet new people, try new things, make positive changes. You are not changing who you are by doing this, you are actually doing more in attempts to find yourself.

It doesn’t how old you are, the mistakes you’ve made, or bridges you’ve burned, it is never too late to make a change. Take whatever it is in your life that needs a facelift and take the plunge. Change is hard and scary but so worth it in the end.

When making a change for a positive reason and to improve upon different aspects of your life, you will not regret the change for one second.

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