Lately, I've been spending my time thinking about my future, dreams, aspirations and just about everything in-between. My question is, where is the line drawn between dreaming and the action of doing?

I think of life's dreams in two categories: Big Dreams and Little Dreams.

Big Dreams, in my opinion, make you who you are. These dreams define you.

Let me break this down further.

Big Dreams of mine are things such as graduating college, finding a successful job that makes me happy, buying a house, having a family, etc.

These Little Dreams, however, also represent a part of who you are. I believe people are more willing to let these Little Dreams go as you proceed through life, and as you let these dreams go, a part of who you are leaves with them.

Little Dreams of mine would be to become a vlogger on YouTube, a year's worth of traveling the world or buying a Tesla.

I believe as time goes by, people start to forget or lose sight of Little Dreams, but my question is WHY?

Maybe it's the subdivision of these dreams and what appears to be more realistic than others. I'd like to challenge these boundaries which people place on dreams for everyone.

There is not a single person or thing that can prevent people from following their heart and dream. Some dreams and bigger than others, while other dreams are more far-fetched. Who's to say that these far-fetched dreams are impossible?

Challenge yourself, work hard and follow your passions. Rather than dividing dreams into small or big ones, make them all a goal of reality.

If you push yourself and aim far higher than you ever could image, you will always be surprised at the outcome. If you're constantly not aiming as high as your potential, you'll become more and more disappointed.

If there's a line between a dream of yours and the action of doing, jump over it. At the end of the day, you're the only one who can make your dream a reality.