Alright, by now I'm sure that you have heard people nagging you about how important it is to get an internship and how helpful it can be.

Going into college I heard this over and over again, but never really realized how important it was until I got one myself.

I mean, I knew it was important to getting a job and I wanted a leg up so I got one this summer, but I never knew just how much it would teach me.

For anyone thinking of going into a career do yourself a favor and get an internship!

I would recommend this for anyone because for starters, it is a good look inside a job that you are hoping to one-day hold.

By that I mean that you get to see their day to day tasks, their hours, what their job really entails, the skills you need for it, and everything else that you could possibly need to know about the job that you can't learn in class or from a simple Google search.

By following someone around you are getting hands on experience that you're tuition can't even get you.

You don't want to be applying for a job and then get it and realize you have no idea what the heck you are doing.

Classes can only teach you so much, but the knowledge that you can learn by actually seeing what you are interested in being done is priceless.

When I walked into my internship I realized just how little I knew about the field I was trying to go into and I am so thankful that I decided to get an internship so I could learn these things that I otherwise may have not known.

Plus, it gives you a leg up from everyone else that is trying to get a job in your field.

We all know how competitive jobs are today and this will really help you stand out from everyone else because you will have that extended knowledge on it and employers want that.

An internship can also possibly help you make something to add to your portfolio for when you do apply for jobs. For example, if you are doing projects there you can then show them off when it comes time to apply for jobs.

Another reason that an internship is vital is because it can save you lot's of time and money.


Well it can help you decide if you like that field or not.

You may want to do something but then when you actually see all that it entails and what it is really like, you may decide maybe that that isn't the path that you want to go down anymore which in the long run will save you tons of time and money.

So regardless of your major and year get an internship and get it as early as you can! If I had one word of advice to other people in college, this would be it because it